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Chrosziel Canon C70 Cage – Newsshooter

Chrosziel has unveiled a cage for the Canon EOS C70.

Unlike most cage options released so far, the Chrosziel option wraps around the whole camera.

The cage mounts via the bottom base plate with an additional screw on the right side of the camera. The front face sits slightly in front of the camera, which also prevents the camera from rotating within the cage.

Chrosziel has provided plenty of accessory mounting options, with 3/8″ & 1/4″ anti-twist threads along the whole cage. It looks like they have also provisions for additional accessories on the baseplate, perhaps support for lens adapters.

The focal plane mount is moved to the outside of the cage, and access to all of the buttons & ports are kept clear.

It is priced at €495 excluding VAT & shipping. (Approximately $600 USD)


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