Chronicle, new MMORPG game based on mobile blockbuster game

South Korean mobile tycoon, Com2uS, is busy expanding the Summoners War brand. Not only are they developing an RTS mobile game, they said many years ago that an MMORG was also being developed. Recently, we learned about the game, called Summoners War: Chronicle, through some official images. In addition to the main character, each player can be supported up to 3 summons, most of which come from the massive monster squad included in the first Summoners War game.

According to Com2uS, the system “diversifies the gameplay according to different tactics”. You can see many players on the screen below joining the raid boss. The plot of Summoners War: Chronicle will be based on a 150-year history created by Robert Kirkman, co-author of The Walking Dead. Com2uS is looking to launch Summoners War: Chronicle in South Korea by the end of 2020.

Ninh Tran

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