Chronic pharyngitis: symptoms and treatment

Chronic pharyngitis: symptoms and treatment

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THE chronic pharyngitis it is the repeated inflammation of the pharynx without an infectious cause, which can cause permanent changes that end up damaging the mucosa, lymphoid tissues and pharyngeal muscles. The term chronic pharyngitis groups a series of chronic inflammatory processes in the pharyngeal mucosa. Sometimes, it arises as a result of the evolution of a pharyngitis condition associated with supporting immunological or genetic factors.

  • Causes of chronic pharyngitis

  • Symptoms of chronic pharyngitis

    • Simple chronic pharyngitis

    • Chronic hyperplastic pharyngitis

    • Dry chronic pharyngitis

  • Diagnosis of chronic pharyngitis

  • Treatment of chronic pharyngitis

  • Remedy for chronic pharyngitis

  • Homemade treatment of chronic pharyngitis

Causes of chronic pharyngitis

Several factors can provoke the development of chronic pharyngitis. Among them are chemical cauterizing agents, dust, excessive heat or cold and sudden temperature variations, slightly humid working environments due to air conditioning, intense use of the voice (teachers, singers, salespeople, among other professionals), smoking, alcohol consumption and abuse of nasal vasoconstrictors. In addition, the presence of some diseases of the respiratory tract, such as chronic sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, and tonsil hypertrophy are linked to the occurrence of chronic pharyngitis. Heart or kidney disease, diabetes, lung failure and gastric reflux are also among the causes.

Symptoms of chronic pharyngitis

The symptoms of chronic pharyngitis vary according to the type of the disease.

Simple chronic pharyngitis

Symptoms of simple chronic pharyngitis they are foreign body sensation in the throat, cough, dry sensation in the pharynx, pain in the neck and when swallowing. There is no fever.

Chronic hyperplastic pharyngitis

At chronic hyperplastic pharyngitis, the pharyngitis wall mucosa becomes thicker, more granular and reddish in color. There is abundant, dense and colorless secretion. There is also almost always a foreign body sensation in the pharynx. Nausea and vomiting are frequent.

Dry chronic pharyngitis

At chronic dry pharyngitis, the posterior pharyngeal wall becomes dry and secretion scabs. This type of chronic pharyngitis is related to climatic variations or changes in temperature. The pains usually get worse in dry, hot climates. At night, the patient finds it difficult to breathe, affecting sleep. There is a possibility of minor bleeding when spitting.

Diagnosis of chronic pharyngitis

The diagnosis of chronic pharyngitis is made based on clinical examination of the patient in search of the typical symptoms of the disease. They can also be ordered complementary exams for confirmation of pharyngitis in case of doubt between disorders with similar signs, such as sinusitis, tonsillitis and Sjogren’s syndrome.

Treatment of chronic pharyngitis

The treatment of chronic pharyngitis that is not related to infectious agents is based on the relief and elimination of symptoms. It is necessary to carry out adequate hydration, gargle with saline solution and inhalation with water vapor.

Remedy for chronic pharyngitis

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic or local anesthetic preparations can be used during the treatment of chronic pharyngitis. In addition, the presence of infectious agents in the pharynx may require the use of medications antibiotics or antivirals, according to the pathogen causing the problem.

Homemade treatment of chronic pharyngitis

Some natural products are quite effective in relieving pain and other symptoms linked to chronic pharyngitis. O honey it is the main one that can be consumed pure or as a way to sweeten teas that relieve dryness and sore throats. One of the most recommended infusions to accompany honey is thyme tea, which should be consumed at least three times a day. O sage tea also does well.

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