Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ brings a new concept of time

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Christopher Nolan has always loved to create the mystery of his movies, and ‘Tenet’ proves it no exception.

* The article reveals the details of the movie, you should consider when reading *

Mysterious ‘Tenet’ until premiere

Even after the trailers and marketing efforts, what audiences understand about Tenet is that it will have a new concept of time as ‘inversion’ revolving around the actor’s character. John David Washington in a world war for survival. But what is that mission, and what role will inverse time have?

Tenet, meaning a principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of religion or philosophy.
Its main concept is reflected in the movie poster.

Indeed, ‘Tenet’ is an experience each of us has to feel for ourselves, just like the main character feels at the beginning of the movie: completely unaware of what awaits us.

The world of ‘Tenet’ is based on the idea of ​​time

Basically, the plot of ‘Tenet’ is a movie with a “classic” spy theme: the bad guy wants to destroy the world, and the hero has to do everything to stop that conspiracy. Only thing, Tenet’s world is more complicated and unique than any other spy movie we have ever seen.

‘Tenet’ has a very complex interweaving of characters

Right from the very beginning, we’ve seen the protagonist decide to commit suicide, rather than abandoning his team. But, he is saved by a mysterious character who welcomes him to the “afterlife” and equips him with a single word: Tenet.

In this new world, he was revealed by a scientist that there are things that instead of moving naturally in time, they move backwards. With that information, what they fear is an inverse weapon from the future that could affect the past – a nuclear weapon, but whether it is a real threat.

New time concepts in ‘Tenet’

According to the film’s plot, the main character who visits the villain is Andrei Sator, with the help of Kat, his wife abused by him, and a character named Neil. There are two key details in the process, one is Kat’s monologue about seeing and envious of a woman’s freedom to dive into a yacht when she gets back, and the other is the clash. The level of the main character with an inverse. Later, the protagonist and Sator have another encounter – a burglary in a burglary – to take over the plutonium, but Sator still surpasses them.

The concept of ‘inverse time’ will play a core role in the film

Here, Nolan uses some special phrases such as “temporal pincer”, which is the activity of moving back and forth for a while to ensure they are aware of the activities that took place at that time, and “time. stile ”(time scale).

The ending of ‘Tenet’ is the key to events?

Gradually, Sator’s true purpose and nature are revealed and the future of all humanity truly is at stake. At this point, the time inversion is used more and more and then the details we noticed before start to match.


We will continue to enjoy an interesting battle that takes place when half of the protagonist’s team goes back to the past, while the other half moves to the present timeline to prevent Sator from activating the algorithm, reversing back to the past and destroying the world. The woman Kat saw in the past jumped off the yacht when she returned that day, was indeed herself in the future after killing a future version of Sator.


At these moments, Tenet’s character truly revealed. When the protagonist realized that Neil would be sacrificed when he went back to help them, he convinced Neil after they got the algorithm. At this point, Neil replied, “What happened, what happened.” and revealed that it was the protagonist who recruited him into Tenet. Everything in the protagonist’s future, Neil’s past, and his mission to save the world are all a “temporal pincer”: Neil and the others have gone back in time, and for the protagonist he moved towards it again.

Will the world of ‘Tenet’ be changed?

Everything is set by the future protagonist, the Tenet organization. That is Tenet’s central concept. This is not a case of changing the past or the future; everything is part of the same loop. Sator is never able to succeed in his mission because he never did.

Is the world of ‘Tenet’ an immutable loop?

In the final moments of the film, the protagonist stops Priya from killing Kat to get rid of clues, but he is only there for what he himself told Kat in the past. Is that what always happens? Or did the protagonist change the future by asking Kat to call him if she thinks she’s in danger?

As for whether there will be a world where things can change or not, we will need to wait in the future.

‘Tenet’ ends up leaving many different questions for the audience, whether or not we grasp Christopher Nolan’s new notions of time.

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