Choose to buy aluminum ladders safe and cheap
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Choose to buy aluminum ladders safe and cheap

Aluminum ladders include many types such as: A-ladder ladders, chair ladders, sliding ladders, retractable ladders … that are applied a lot in life, especially for repairers, electricians … To ensure safety in the process of use and the best work efficiency, the aluminum ladder you choose needs to ensure the criteria of quality.

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Experience of choosing to buy aluminum ladders safely

Choose a reputable brand

In rural areas, people often buy homemade aluminum ladders because they are cheap. Although there are measurements of safety dimensions, firm weld joints, the quality of aluminum is not guaranteed. The length of the ladder only stops at a safe level of about 2 – 2m5, but cannot be higher.

When choosing to buy any one product, you also need to care about the product brand. Reputable brands will ensure the best quality. Buying a reputable aluminum ladder in the market sometimes is not necessarily the best quality product choice but the safety of working on the ladder always makes you feel secure.

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Ladder design

When choosing to buy a ladder you should consider the ladder design because it is the pedal to climb higher. Therefore, they need to be rigidly designed, free from warping, cracking, and ensuring the thickness in accordance with safety standards of ladders. Aluminum material used as stairs must also ensure proper requirements to be able to meet the load indicated in the specifications. And moreover, a good aluminum ladder needs a slip-resistant design to ensure that the process of working on the ladder is free of any tripping problems.

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Ladder belt and lock latch lock

Next to evaluate a good draw aluminum ladder you need to pay attention to the ladder and lock the ladder. The retractable belt is the connecting part between the ladder and the ladder tube, which can be made from plastic or aluminum depending on the brand of manufacture. Aluminum belts are more durable due to less impact from the outside environment. However, if you are buying a plastic scale, make sure it is good plastic, resistant to bumps and weather. Good withdrawal ladder has a sturdy ladder belt, not loose, easy manipulation does not hiss tube during use.

Latch lock devices are only available on folding or retractable ladders. With the retractable aluminum ladder, the most worth checking out is the button and the auto-locking latch. It must be ensured that it operates flexibly without being difficult to use and without any cracks.

Ladder leg

Most of the famous aluminum ladder products on the market are designed with rubber or ABS plastic anti-slip feet, reducing friction. With the cover of the foot stoppers, workers will feel safer, while avoiding scratching the floor.

Top cheap aluminum ladders are the most popular today

1. Folded aluminum ladder A Nikawa NKD-04

Nikawa aluminum ladders NKD-04 belongs to the A series of folding ladders, made from aluminum alloy against rust. Always for the eye-catching shine buyer. Design luxurious style suitable for indoor to bring perfection to the room. Aluminum alloy ladder is strong, sturdy and durable. Steps of moderate width easily step up and down safely.

  • Maximum height of letter A: 1m
  • Number of steps Ax 2: 4
  • Maximum load: 150kg
  • Distance between steps: 28cm
  • Stowed dimensions: 48.5cm x 6cm x 100cm
  • Dimensions when opening the ladder: 48.5cm x 78cm x 100cm

Reference price META: VND 720,000

2. Kachi single draw aluminum ladder 2.9m

Kachi aluminum single draw ladder when used in the form of the letter I will have a maximum height of 2.9m should be suitable for repair work in homes, shops or other works of moderate height. Kachi shortened aluminum ladder has 10 steps, depending on the height of use that users can adjust the ladder as you like. Each ladder is designed with 2 buttons, so users can extend or collapse the ladder very gently.

  • Shortened length: 0.78m
  • Maximum height of letter I: 2,9m
  • Number of steps: 10 steps
  • Maximum load: 150kg
  • Distance between steps: 30cm

Reference price META: 1,249,000 VND

3. Stainless steel handrails 4B 4 Nikita IN04

Aluminum chair ladder Nikita stainless steel is designed with high aesthetics, both simple and beautiful. The Nikita IN04 ladder has a large thickness so it feels very solid for users. The ladder frame is made of stainless steel so it has high impact strength and is shiny. Nikita handrails are made up of 4 steps with a height of 0.9m, suitable for use in homes, offices, companies to arrange items, cleaning on high …

  • Height: 0.9m
  • Dimension of top steps: 12cm x 24cm
  • Number of steps: 4 steps
  • Maximum load: 150kg
  • Distance between steps: 25cm

Reference price META: 830,000 VND

4. Ameca multi-function folding ladder AMB-44

The Ameca AMB-44 versatile sliding ladder is an ideal tool for households and a variety of uses when working on high altitudes. Ameca AMB-44 Elevator provides absolute safety with a solid design, high-grade aluminum alloy material that is super durable, super light but still ensures user safety.

  • Maximum height of the letter I: 4.14m
  • Foot width: 51.3cm
  • Top width: 30cm
  • Height A: 11.20 m
  • Number of steps: 4 steps
  • Maximum load: 150kg
  • Distance between steps: 28cm

Reference price META: 1,950,000 VND

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