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Choose to buy a good water filter (RO or Nano) for your family

Today, we are facing a lot of pollution due to the speed of urbanization, water pollution is one of the problems that are becoming quite serious when factories and factories in our country share Even without water filtration system "right" before being discharged into the environment.

By 1977, the water purifier was officially available to users in the US and then it was available in many countries around the world. With the introduction of water purifier, it has partly solved many people's worries about current water pollution.

In today's article, I will summarize the basic information about water purifiers as well as products currently selling in the market that readers can follow.

What is a water purifier?

Water has always played an extremely important and indispensable role in human life, especially with the source of water that is directly supplied to our body with the proportion of 70% of the structure being all water.

Water purifiers are products used to filter water, remove impurities, harmful bacteria from domestic water. Water purifiers usually have main parts such as filter elements, filter nozzles, body. In particular, the water filter core is the most important part in a water filter. Technology and quality of the filter core will determine the price and quality of the filter.

In the context of urban water sources at risk of serious pollution such as lead, alum, calcification, etc., it is very easy for families to find a safe and effective filter solution at home. So this article will help you somewhat understand the basic of the water purifier series as well as create more bases before making a decision to buy.

Top the best water purifier products today

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Karofi Spido S-s027 water purifier


Pureit Water Purifier - 9L - Genuine

Pureit Water Purifier – 9L – Genuine

Capacity: 9L; Technology integrated 5-step preeminent filtering; Filter out dirt, bacteria and heavy metals in water (lead, iron); Tested by 35 international organizations; Meet the …



Spido Water Purifier S-s027- karofi 7-stage water purifier SS027 / karofi water purifier


Karofi Spido S-s027 water purifier

Karofi Spido S-s027 water purifier

Spido S-s027 water purifier is the first product in Vietnam pioneering the application of modern technology, using the RO Aqualast RO membrane of Dow Filmtec – the leading RO membrane brand in prestige, …


RO water purifier desktop, cabinet KAROFI SPIDO S-s027 - 7 levels of filtration
Smart water filter Karofi Spido S-s027 - Genuine product

Karofi Spido S-s027 water purifier – 20 liters / h It has a modern design with very well machined lines with rounded and beautiful edges so it is quite convenient to place in many different positions in the room.

The product is equipped with 7-stage RO filtration technology, so it completely eliminates heavy metals, toxins and other pathogens but still ensures the full range of minerals needed by the body when used directly.

Basic information:

  • Filter capacity of 20L / h, high performance operation
  • Separate system components using electricity and water filtration systems
  • Advanced RO water purification technology, 7-stage filtration system
  • Treatment of many water sources: Tap water, bore well water, high TDS water (brackish water)
  • Received the certificate of QCVN6-1 by the Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development – Ministry of Health

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Water Filter Unilever Pureit Ultima RO + UV

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Water filter Karofi Spido S-s027 - 20 liters / h - Genuine products


[Mã ELMALL1TR5 Giảm 11% đơn 3TR][Trả góp 0%]  Water Purifier Unilever Pureit Ultima RO + UV + MF
Water Purifier Unilever Pureit Ultima RO + UV + MF

Water Purifier Unilever Pureit Ultima RO + UV + MF

Superior UV UV MF technology for clean water meeting US standards Unilever Pureit Ultima Water Filter New Reverse Osmosis RO (Reverse Osmosis) international standard. Removal …


Unilever Pureit Ultima RO + UV-KM water purifier 1t250 core set
Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV 1X1PC (Black)


Water Filter Unilever Pureit Ultima RO + UV The series is equipped with many of the most advanced water filtration technologies available today, including international standard RO (Reverse Osmosis) Technology, Ultra Violet (UV) technology, Ultra Membrane Micro Filtration, Add beneficial minerals to the water after filtration.

Pureit Ultima is committed to the bottled water standard of the Ministry of Health and 100% clean water of American standards.

Basic information:

  • 7 steps of filtration with RO + UV + MF technology
    Supplementing beneficial minerals and increasing the taste of water after filtration
  • 15-day warning and automatically disconnect the filter when it is no longer possible to filter
  • Filter capacity of 4,000 liters (changed every 1 year)
  • 10L container capacity, filter capacity 9-12L / hour

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SRO Karofi Water Purifier KSI90 (9 Level)

loc loc "width =" 396 "height =" 396 "data-lazy-srcset =" 1200w, 150w, /2019/10/may-loc-nuoc-3-350x350.jpg 350w, 768w , 1024w, 2019/10 / may-loc-nuoc-3-788x788.jpg 788w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 396px) 100vw, 396px

Water Purifier Unilever Pureit Ultima RO + UV - Genuine products


[Mã ELMALL1TR5 Giảm 11% đơn 3TR]Karofi sRO 9 stages water purifier KSI90-A


Karofi sRO 9 stages water purifier KSI90 with UV light

Karofi sRO 9 stages water purifier KSI90 with UV light

SRO water filter equipped with RO Filmtec DOW – USA membrane filter has a special structure that only allows water molecules to pass under very high pressure to remove 99% of impurities, bacteria, viruses …


SRO Karofi water purifier, 9 levels, IQ cabinets, Model: KSI90-A
Karofi water purifier 9 level KT90IQ with UV light

Karofi KSI90 water purifier 9 levels It has a very luxurious and elegant design with high-class toughened glass and stainless steel from Korea. The highlight of the product is that it supports UV lamps using RO Filmtec filter technology imported from the US and recommended by NSF certification.

This RO membrane has the ability to filter water at the particle level so it almost eliminates 99.99% of toxic substances, heavy metals, … harmful to human health. Standard products of the Ministry of Health and can be used directly in homes, offices, …

Basic information:

  • RO filmtec film imported directly from the United States
  • Cabinets made of high quality Korean stainless steel and glass
  • Automatically filter water and alarm when water supply is weak
  • Automatically discharges and closes wastewater during filtration
  • Eliminate all harmful substances and viruses, bacteria, amoebas, arsenic …
  • Drink directly

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Kangaroo KG100HC water filter

loc loc "width =" 403 "height =" 403 "data-lazy-srcset =" 1200w, 150w, /2019/10/may-loc-nuoc-4-350x350.jpg 350w, 768w , 1024w, 2019/10 / may-loc-nuoc-4-788x788.jpg 788w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 403px) 100vw, 403px

SRO Karofi Water Purifier KSI90 (9 Level) - Genuine

SRO Karofi Water Purifier KSI90 (9 Level) – Genuine

RO filmtec film imported directly from the United States; 9 levels of filtering; Cabinets made of high quality Korean stainless steel and tempered glass; Automatic water filtration; Automatic alarm when water supply is weak; Auto discharge and close …



[Mã ELMALL1TR5 Giảm 11% đơn 3TR]RO water filter KANGAROO KG100HC HYDROGEN (10 levels of filtration - Including ...


RO water filter KANGAROO KG100HC HYDROGEN (10 levels of filtration - Includes tempered cabinet)
RO Kangaroo KG100HC HYDROGEN water filter - 10 levels of filtration - Includes tempered cabinet

Kangaroo KG100HC water filter This is the first application of magnetic technology for water purifiers in Vietnam, helping create Hydrogen water with super small water molecules, saving water thanks to RO Vortex technology of Korea, can be easily Installation in just 3 easy steps.

With a modern and breakthrough design, the product can be both a water filter and help bring your peace of mind whenever you drink water as well as a decoration that makes the room space become more modern. .

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The most outstanding water purifier technology line

On the market today, there are prominent two lines of water purifier technology, RO and Nano water filtration technologies.

RO filtration technology

RO is a line of water purifiers that was born very early, but up to now is an effective and thorough water filtration technology with reverse osmosis membrane. RO technology is mainly used for salt water or hard water, this technique requires electricity to clean water and produce a lot of waste water.


  • Can drink water immediately after filtration extremely quickly and conveniently;
  • There is often a mineral supplementing core, which adds sweetness and oxygen to the filtered water;
  • RO membrane is capable of self-cleaning when filtering water;
  • With water pump, suitable for places with low water pressure;
  • The cost of replacing filter elements is quite low.


  • Do not retain natural minerals that are good for the body in water if the machine does not use additional mineral filter elements;
  • Depending on each manufacturer, each product will have purified water and wastewater filtration rates. For example, 10 liters of raw water will filter 3-5 liters of pure water;
  • Using electricity, inconvenient if power outages for a long time about 1-2 days.

NANO filtration technology

Born after RO water purification technology, Nano water filtration technology has the same structure with water filter to help eliminate bacteria and viruses. However, this filter is larger than the RO filter so the amount of minerals and heavy metals removed is lower.

Therefore, the quality of water filtered through Nano technology depends a lot on the water supply for this filter. Usually the source of treated water, the underground water has been filtered, …


  • Can drink water immediately after filtration extremely quickly and conveniently;
  • Retain many natural minerals good for the body, perfectly suitable for families with children and the elderly;
  • No need to use electricity, no waste water;
  • Does not consume electricity as well as save water efficiency for the family;
  • The machine does not use pressure vessels so extremely compact, making it easy to install in any position of the home.


  • Osmosis type filter, screen size is about 5-1 micron so it will not filter effectively;
  • Operation without pump, filter mainly thanks to the pressure of the inlet water source, so if the water is weak, it cannot filter;
  • Core replacement time is faster, core replacement cost is higher than RO filter;
  • Being limited when filtering many water sources such as alum, brackish water … filter clogging easily;

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Choose to buy RO or Nano water purifiers

Sure, if your family or company is in need of a water purifier, you might be wondering whether to use a Nano or RO technology? If so, continue reading the following:

According to a lot of information on the Internet, depending on various factors you can consider the choice between RO or Nano water purifier: Brand, Warranty, Maintenance, … and a special concern for water purifiers to be able to operate in a stable and stable manner, the input water quality must be guaranteed.

  • With RO technology: Support to filter almost all water sources (if the water is contaminated with alum, acid, … it is advisable to use a raw filter before putting in the machine).
  • With Nano technology: This type is quite picky about the input water and it does not filter sources of water contaminated with alum, well water, … untreated.

Thus, through the above information, I believe that buying a water purifier using RO technology is the most reasonable and this is also the advice of the specialized sales sites available on the market.

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Water filters are popular on the market today

There are many factors to make the decision about which type of water filtration technology to choose: price, warranty period, reputable brand, periodic maintenance, replaceability, … An important factor. First, it is the condition of the source of water where you will be suitable when using which water filtration technology. As analyzed above, RO water purification technology is often more appreciated when treating sources of alum, river water, brackish water, calcified water, etc. often appear in Vietnam.

After you have a basic understanding of the water purifier series and water purification mechanisms, you can refer to some of the following water purifier series to buy and buy the most satisfactory product for the family:

1. RO Sunhouse water purifier

Sunhouse is a Vietnamese water purifier brand that has a joint venture with South Korea. This machine is equipped with both hot and cold plants to meet the high demands of today's customers. Known as a household brand associated with Vietnamese families, Sunhouse's water plants have gradually become a leading brand, trusted by housewives, businesses, organizations.

Moreover, this model has a diverse filter system to add specific minerals to 10 filters. The machine has up to 5 years of genuine warranty, with the cost of replacing the core is said to be the cheapest on the market today (about 1.5 million / year).

2. Kangaroo RO water purifier

Next is the water filter with the familiar name Kangaroo also branded Vietnam. The device is designed with a fairly compact form but extremely modern and luxurious. Depending on the different product models, filter cores can be imported from Korea or USA.

The highlight of this series is the water filtration technology that helps Provides antioxidant hydrogen – An ingredient that helps to beautify the skin, slow down the aging process. Moreover, the machine is equipped with electrolytic ORP filter core – natural maifan stone and ceramic balls and arsenic poisoning treatment system, which contributes to the maximum support of removing impurities, dirt, rust and deodorizing fishy odor. Chlorine smell, which increases the dissolved oxygen in water, anti-aging and prevents dry skin.

With the weaknesses that help meet the high demands of such users, the price of the current device on the market is extremely reasonable even thought to be cheap when less than 4 million VND / product.

3. Karofi RO water purifier

Can not fail to mention Karofi – a product of Vietnamese brand incense produced directly in Vietnam. This product is quite more convenient when it is designed with many filter cores, which is convenient for handling many different water sources: brackish water, alum water, limestone contaminated water, etc. This filter helps to process water efficiently, while saving money when it fits the water you need to filter.

Karofi filter is added UV lamp to help kill bacteria, the rate reaches 99% when conducting bactericidal and at high speed but still very effective and accurate. The cost of a Karofi water purifier is considered to be cheap and competitive in the market.

4. Ao Smith RO water purifier

Ao Smith is a long-standing household brand in the US, with a history of up to 140 years, meeting European technology standards. The machine has luxurious appearance, modern and advanced filtering features. However, the average cost of Ao Smith water purifier is also relatively high, an average of about 7-30 million for a machine.

The highlight when it comes to Ao Smith is Side Stream filter technology with an outstanding lifespan of up to 3 years – is an economical and convenient solution for your family. Heavy metals and harmful bacteria – viruses will be removed up to 99%. In addition, smooth and strong water pumping force, monolithic filter element, luxurious compact design are also plus points for this machine.

5. Water filter technology NANO Geyser

Imported complete units from the Russian Federation, Geyser water filters are prioritized for use in Vietnamese families with many outstanding features. This is the NANO series recommended by having the appropriate features when using in Vietnamese families. They have the ability to remove impurities, heavy metals, pesticides, and ensure water still retains healthy minerals.

Although not a brand of water purifier too prominent on the market as the RO filter lines above, but Geyser is also a brand of NANO filter worth trying. One of the highlights of the Geyser water filter is the classic design of the Russian Federation, which brings a luxurious beauty, impressive but friendly to all spaces. The sophistication, luxurious colors and compact appearance, saving space will attract customers right from the first sight.

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So you know what is a water purifier as well as the filtration technology currently fitted to these devices on the market. So you have the most satisfactory choice when buying water filters yet? And if you have any questions about how to buy or use a water purifier, please leave a comment to share to the community right away!

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