Choose brand ambassador easy or difficult? How do brands choose ambassadors for themselves?

Chosen brand ambassador is the form chosen by many businesses to promote products and services. Celebrities choose brands based on potential and attraction. Brands choose celebrities with the desire to make a difference and profitability.

The golden age of brand ambassador form

Brand Ambassador is the face of the brand to promote products and services. This is a form that is widely used in marketing campaigns in many countries around the world.

Choosing a suitable brand ambassador will help the brand reach out to many customers, increase sales and enhance brand awareness for consumers.

In the world, the “first shot” for this marketing tactic, can be counted as the deal of Tesco’s Dotty in 1980. The advertising campaign of supermarket chain Tesco has made a great deal in the market when using images of famous actors and 2 housewives in England to be brand ambassadors. And £ 2.2 billion is the revenue this brand earns from its advertising campaign.

According to recent statistics by market research firm Millward Brown, 15% of advertising in the US has the presence of celebrities, in India is 24%, this figure up to 44% in Taiwan.

According to experts, the profit earned for advertisements using brand ambassadors is extremely high. There is a study that the market value of companies increased by 0.44% immediately after announcing contracts with celebrities.(first)

15% of ads in the US have the appearance of celebrities.

Success or failure is due to the compatibility between celebrities and brands

Each brand is seen as an independent individual, with a “unique”. Therefore, a brand that wants to choose a brand ambassador to succeed must choose a celebrity with a similarity to the brand. They must be the people who have used, experienced the products and services of the brand.

For example, Nike brand core value is the challenge to overcome all limits. Therefore, the stars who are Nike’s brand ambassadors must also be the characters who can express this slogan. The famous names in the overalls associated with Nike’s names can be named as Roger Federer or player Cristiano Ronaldo.

In Vietnam, the brand ambassador form has only exploded in recent years thanks to the strong coverage of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram … Typically the famous names like Son Tung MTP to him. Big mobile phones Oppo, Thanh Hang with jewelry brands PNJ, Pham Huong with Comfort, Chi Pu with Acness, Issac with Sam Sung …

Most recently, the handshake between Gong Cha and My Tam. The exclusive unit operating and exploiting the Gong Cha brand in the Vietnamese market said that the singer My Tam will officially become Gong Cha’s brand ambassador in Vietnam in May 2019.

Gong Cha’s representative said: “My Tam has always been loved by many generations, she is just class, luxurious but very close to the fans. The Gong Cha brand found a lot of similarities between the two brands, My Tam himself also loves the brand and is interested in its new role at Gong Cha so we work together. I hope this combination will bring a little joy to customers when using their products.

My Tam image is too ideal for every customer segment in terms of age and career.

Gong Cha, the world-famous milk tea brand, originated from Taiwan, was exclusively franchised to Vietnam in 2014 by Golden Trust Co., Ltd., then developed rapidly and became one of the a familiar destination for young people who love milk tea culture and wish to experience quality tea products with clear origin. To date, Gong Cha has 47 stores nationwide.

Meanwhile, singer My Tam is an example of self-development, persistent and saying no to scandal. She appeared in the list of “Top 50 Most Influential Women in Vietnam” (2017) published by Forbes; As the first Vietnamese singer to have an album in the top 10 of Billboard World Album in January 2018. In 2019, she directed the movie for the first time. In addition, My Tam is also holding a series of prestigious awards in other music fields.

Although he has officially become a CCP for Gong Cha since April 1919, this brand was previously the singer’s choice.

As revealed, milk tea is My Tam’s favorite drink, in the posts on her personal fanpage, she regularly shares photos related to this drink. Even in the MV “I do not”, My Tam in the role of the queen also humorously chose milk tea and rice paper mixed between the seafood oyster dishes when the princes offered to try to win the beauty.

Because of this, after a period of negotiation and consideration, both sides decided to become each other’s brand partners. Accordingly, My Tam will act as a brand ambassador of the Gong Cha brand. And Gong Cha, with the position of a leading brand in the beverage industry, is the most popular because young people are responsible for continuing their efforts to provide customers with tasteful and hygienic beverages. Food safety, in an elegantly designed service space with a distinct style. The value of the contract was not disclosed, but it was certainly not a small number. The marketing team of Gong Cha Vietnam is not a novice, there must have been a reason and a plan to fully exploit the image of his ambassador during his tenure.

An Tran – Foreign Affairs Manager of this brand, said: “In addition to the purpose of brand promotion, the project also wants to use My Tam’s image to inspire positive young people as a story about self-improvement, sustainable development, with good social behaviors and activities in a modern context. “

It is likely that the environment will be the topic that this brand will use as the theme to exploit its “trump card” in this marketing plan.

Especially, in the coming time, My Tam also participated in supporting the use of straws, bags, seal covers made of entirely natural and environmentally friendly materials from Gong Cha. This will be one of the most prominent and meaningful activities in My Tam and Gong Cha’s ambassador activities this year.

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* Source: Gong Cha


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