Choose a new Android smartphone, don't skip these 4 steps

Choose a new Android smartphone, don't skip these 4 steps

Between so many options, knowing some tips will help choose Android smartphones less difficult and save a lot more time. Here are 4 steps not to be missed when buying a smartphone that you should consult.

Step 1: Narrow the selection range

First, shorten your selection list from a few dozen to several. It's easy, just follow the price segment, eliminate the more expensive products. If you have 8 million in hand, forget about new high-end devices like Galaxy S10, OnePlus 7 Pro …

Next is to choose the needs that are really needed, must have and the features that are not available. If there are no conditions for selecting expensive models, this step is extremely important. If traveling regularly, surely the device must have a good camera and "buffalo" battery. If you like watching movies, choose models with big screens, beautiful, high resolution and many standards like HDR10, …

Some other needs may be related to 3.5mm jack, selfie pop-up camera or dual front speaker. Make a list of essential features, start with the most important thing.

Don't forget to think carefully about what you will use it for and what you really need. One of the biggest mistakes many people make is to charge a phone with many unused features. If you only call on 2, 3 times, send a few messages, surf Facebook at your leisure, a high-end device is really wasteful. Of course they can still serve well, but not to the point of buying such a high-end product.

Once you are sure of the price range and the features you need, start looking for the right devices online.

Take for example two different needs. If there are about 8 million and need a nice camera, smooth software experience but no need to configure too strong, choose Google Pixel 3a. However, if you need a strong configuration to play games, expand memory, but don't need a stable camera or software, the Pocophone F1 with Snapdragon 845 chip will suit you.

According to the Android AuthorityIn most cases, you will choose between 5 and 10 devices that suit your needs. Next step, we will remove the next.

Step 2: Read the review

To shorten the list from step 1, it is best to consult the review of each device on VnReview, YouTube or any reliable source of information online. When you have advantages and disadvantages, you will easily eliminate products that are no longer suitable.

For example, you might want to choose LG G8 ThinQ instead of Galaxy S10 by unlocking the vein, taking a screen or opening the app with hand gestures without touching the screen. However, most reviews claim that they are quite slow and inaccurate, just to "color" is the main.

Or, you will want to buy Xiaomi's Mi 8 Pro because it has a fingerprint sensor in the screen, which many competitors don't have in the price range, though if you read the review, you'll see the majority say that the sensor This only works exactly 40%.

Therefore, it is very important to read online reviews on an upcoming smartphone. Don't be blinded by the advertisements from the manufacturer.

Step 3: Go to the store to experience reality

Go to the nearest phone store to experience the actual 3-5 remaining items in the list. You will want to check how the phone is held in your hand because the photos on the internet or advertisements are often "tricky". Holding on your hand also helps you see if the machine design is sure, the difference between material (glass, metal, plastic) …

The size when holding is also very important. The bigger the movie is, the harder it is to hold it with one hand and put it in your pocket. You must continue to trade, but not perfect.

In addition, it is also recommended to turn on the power, open some applications to see if the feedback is good, try taking a few photos, download the apps you need … Try the experience for a few minutes to see if you have any problems or not is not.

Holding and testing is the best way to decide the final choice because it is your feeling in the next 1 to 2 years.

Step 4: Find a cheaper place to sell, choose a time to buy

When you have a smartphone like that, do not rush to buy immediately but find out if there is a store that sells the same model but cheaper price.

In addition, choosing the time to buy is also quite important. If you choose a new model, the best time to buy is when you are in the pre-set time because there will be many gifts, many shops will have a direct discount policy if not for gifts. Never buy a machine as soon as it is sold because it is the time of the highest selling price. With some models, many stores have discounted prices just weeks after selling.

If you want to buy a smartphone that has been around for a long time, find out when the upgrade will come out because of the new life, the old one has to be discounted.

Other tips when choosing a new Android phone

In addition to the steps above, there are some other tips you should know. First, do not be afraid to choose a product from the manufacturer that you do not know much or have never used. Not knowing or not famous does not mean that the company makes a bad machine. Read reviews and news as the best way to review. Many well-known brands make fault machines.

Also, it's not always good to choose the latest model. Many products are available for 1 or 2 years but can still meet your needs but the price is much cheaper. Sometimes the upgrade only changes a little, so choosing the old one may be more reasonable.

In addition to new products, the selection of used or refurbished used equipment may also be considered, but be sure to check the machine carefully.

Don't forget the software. If you want to get the latest Android soon, only Google Pixel or Android One devices are right. OnePlus is okay, the rest has to wait a long time.


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