Choice of laptops according to majors for new students

So the university entrance season is about to arrive and one of the most difficult problems for new students is choosing a laptop that can stand side by side with you for 4 to 5 years. Street.

The selection is also not easy because manufacturers are increasingly launching many different models with competitive prices and making consumers very confused. Not to mention the price range of laptops, it is also getting wider, not too high-class as before.

So which laptop is best suited to your field of study in the amount of money you currently have or in different price ranges, which laptop is the most suitable? This article will partly clarify these views to help you make the most valuable choice. Because the price range of laptop models is very large and most of the students do not have too many bags, I will only take the representative of the most interested price is from 10-20 million. Less than VND 10 million most laptops have the same configuration and quality so there is not too much to say.

Economic sectors

You study economic form does not require too high graphics processing configuration but with the need to handle many heavy excel files, RAM is the factor to consider first then to the CPU. Preferably Laptop models with removable Numpad numeric keypad for more convenient input of regular numbers.

Mobility and battery life should also be enhanced because you will always need to hold the phone to the lecture hall for your study. In the price range of 10-20 million, the HP Pavilion 15 is the best choice. At a price of more than 15 million, you only get 4GB of RAM and 1TB HDD, after upgrading to a minimum of 8GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD, the price will only be about 18 million, this is still an extremely valuable model. make a choice.

Select laptop according to study area

Other competitors of the same price range, such as the Thinkpad E590, also have a 15-inch screen with the same configuration but only have HD resolution screens. Or Asus VivoBook S15 has a 15 inch FullHD screen, but the quality is not comparable to the HP Pavilion 15 aluminum case.

In addition, the HP Pavilion 15 also has an MX130 discrete graphics card, though not too powerful, but it can still satisfy the entertainment needs of some light-hearted games without difficulty.

Lower down we have Lenovo Ideapad 130-15IKB for just over 10 million. However, you will no longer have a FullHD screen and the design is only finished from plastic. In return, the configuration is quite similar to the same 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD and Core i5 8250U. This is also the model with the cheapest 8th generation i5 CPU you can buy now. The range of 10 million dong is mostly Core i3 8th generation.

Laptop options by subject

Social sectors

Often these disciplines you do not work too much with your laptop should not be too high on configuration. So the priority is probably only high mobility and reasonable price and a little sleek appearance because most of the people here are female friends.

At around 20 million, the HP Envy 13 or MSI PS42 is the best choice. New fashion appearance, strong configuration and long-term use and very high mobility.

Laptop options by subject

Down to the low price range we have the ASUS VivoBook X407UA with enough configuration even though the appearance is no longer glossy but the finish is still not too bad in the range of around 10 million.

Information technology industry

This is the field that most people mistakenly think about choosing Laptop. Many people think that learning about information technology is a lot of programming and the computer must be highly configurable and require many other things, but in fact is the opposite.

Learning code or learning programming is very gentle, the configuration is not too priority but still must be sufficient. The most important thing here is the keyboard and screen because these are two things that you will have to interact with them every day. The next requirement is that the model must be durable to be used for a long day plus the battery life must be sufficient.

Summarize the priority criteria when choosing the machine as follows:

  • The first is the keyboard and screen
  • Next is mobility and battery life
  • Finally consider the configuration

At a price of 10-20 million, the ThinkPad L580 is almost perfect at this price range. The ThinkPad L580's keyboard is similar to the ThinkPad's high-end T series and can be said that the ThinkPad Laptop keyboard is currently the best Laptop keyboard model available today. The configuration is good enough for learning code is i5-8250U / 8GB / 1TB HDD / Radeon 530. The only downside is that the weight of the device is still heavier than the configuration it brings. In exchange for this we will have a very good build quality.

Lowering the price to 15 million we have the HP Pavilion 15.

Other requirements

In the aforementioned industries, there are also a lot of people who want to play games on their laptops. So in the price range of 10-20 million there are 2 most valuable choices: ASUS F570ZD and MSI GF63. Both laptops have a light weight of 1.9Kg, with 1050 4GB graphics cards. MSI GF63 will be more prominent with the new high-speed chip of the intel i5-9300H instead of the AMD Ryzen 5 2500U power-saving chip on F570ZD.

If you want your laptop to have a touch screen and can turn 360 degrees to turn into a large tablet, the HP Pavilion x360 14 is the only option at this price range.

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