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Chinese supercomputing companies will no longer import components from the US

On Friday, the US Department of Commerce announced a number of Chinese companies to list sanctions, not to cooperate, work and buy components from US companies without their own permission. American rights. Among them is a research institute managed by the Chinese government, in charge of researching and producing supercomputing systems used in scientific research or defense.

The statement was made amid a hot trade war, and Trump's efforts to prevent China from accessing technologies developed in the United States. After Huawei, the US Department of Commerce added five names, Sugon, Wuxi Jiangnan, Higon, Chengdu Haiguang Intergrated Circuit and Chengdu Haiguang Microelectronics Technology to the list of companies that could not import components from the US otherwise have a separate license. Other "names" of the five companies and organizations were also added to prevent them from setting up a ghost company to try to buy parts and technology from the US.

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The US government itself put these five names into the "black list" because of concerns surrounding their use of US technology and components to develop supercomputing systems for serious military research. the. The Wuxi Jiangnan Institute of Advanced Mathematics is an organization of the Research Institute of the 56th People's Army General Staff, according to the US Department of Commerce, and said that "their mission is to support the modernization process." Chinese Army. ”Currently, the Institute of Technology is managing and using the world's third fastest supercomputer system, Sunway-TaihuLight, with a processing speed of 93 petaflops.

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In 2015, the US Department of Commerce put China's National Defense Technology University on a special list "because of using boards, multi-core processing chips to operate supercomputing systems they believe are used. for the purpose of calculating nuclear explosions and simulating military campaigns. ”The United States later discovered that the university continued to use a different name, Hunan Guifang Kei University to buy computer parts. from America. On Friday, the US Department of Commerce continued to put these "other names" on the list to ban US corporations from cooperating.


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