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Chinese public opinion is pressing when face recognition technology displays both images and information of children

At many crossroads in Chinese cities, you can see many signs with LED lights next to the traffic light. On it shows faces, images of people who previously violated the law such as crossing red lights, crossing the wrong time … This system works completely automatically, with face data taken from the picture. Directly captured images of the camera then paired with the city's information system.

However, recently, many people living in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, were surprised to see these billboards showing the faces of teenagers. A local newspaper said that the images are displayed without any parts of the face being blurred or masked. Many people insist that this is inappropriate when hitting self-esteem, the shame of the children because of small errors such as illegal crossing.

However, the city traffic police force said they did not see anything wrong here. According to representatives of this unit, children should be treated like adults, with face images displayed on the public screen for up to two weeks.

Things quickly sparked controversies with many conflicting ideas. People protested, people agreed with the view of the police force.

The face detection system displays the image, the name and ID number of the violator. (Weibo Photos)

As of 2018, China has 169 million Internet users under the age of regulation. Authorities have tightened regulations to protect them from Internet addiction, as well as harmful online information and online threats. Technology companies have added face recognition to games to verify users' identities and prevent children from experiencing the product.

Under the rules of online minors protection, Internet companies are responsible for the unauthorized collection of personal information. In addition, China's child protection law also stipulates that minors' personal information related to criminal offenses is not disclosed in the media or online. However, both of these provisions do not address situations related to the public face recognition system.

However, according to many users on the Weibo social network, children's privacy is not as important as traffic safety.

"Is car accident concerned about your underage?", Many people ask questions.

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