Chinese agents spread fake news, spreading panic about the virus in the United States

Chinese agents spread fake news, spreading panic about the virus in the United States

US officials are concerned that many fake social media messages and articles are constantly appearing during the epidemic. They say Chinese intelligence has spread this information to instigate panic in the American people, according to the statement New York Times.

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In mid-March, messages with content “The Trump administration is about to freeze the whole country” spread rapidly throughout the United States.

“They will announce this as soon as the military is mobilized to stop the raiders and troublemakers,” another message quoted from the Department of Homeland Security said.

Such information spread, prompting the White House National Security Council to issue a message on Twitter that they were “FAKE NEWS.”

The US intelligence agency later discovered that the information had been spread by Chinese agents via text and social media to spread fear throughout the United States, New York Times cited interviewing 6 anonymous US officials said.

These officials identified the false information appearing as text messages on the mobile phone of the American people is a tactic they have never seen before.

That has prompted US intelligence agencies to consider new ways that China, Russia and many other countries are using to spread misinformation in the United States during a pandemic.

> Taiwan: More than 70% of false information about corona virus comes from China

Those officials are New York Times Interviews work at 6 different organizations, including career officials, political commissioners. Some people have spent years analyzing China.

Their clear warnings about China’s spreading misinformation are corroborated by recent findings from bipartisan external research groups, including the Democratic Assurance Alliance and the Center for One. New US security, where it plans to publish a report on this topic next month

The two US officials stressed that they did not believe China created the blockade messages, but exaggerated from existing messages, enough to make the messages catch people’s attention and then themselves. will spread without foreign agents doing anything else.

US officials say the agents have used some of the techniques well used by Russian intelligence, such as creating fake social media accounts to push messages to sympathetic Americans and others. This helps to spread them unconsciously.

Chinese agents’ use of encrypted messaging and messaging applications in their campaigns makes it difficult for researchers and law enforcement officials to monitor and control.

A senior US official told New York Times that US intelligence officers are investigating whether spies in Chinese diplomatic missions in the US spread false information about the blockade. Recently, the United States has stepped up oversight of Chinese diplomats and staff in state-run media organizations. In September, the State Department secretly expelled two Beijing embassy staff in Washington on suspicion of spying.

US officials say China has adopted Russia’s strategy and tried to widen political discord within the United States. As the disagreement about blockade policies increases in many states, it will make it easier for China and Russia to exaggerate partisan dissent.

“It’s part of a strategy map to spread discord,” Independent State Senator Main Angus King commented. Many analysts in the private sector also argue that China’s manipulation in the United States is growing increasingly sophisticated.

Propaganda efforts have gone beyond messages and stories on social media directly to Americans. US officials say the Chinese government has issued several documents instructing state agencies to participate in a global campaign to spread misinformation about the corona virus.

For example, many messages underscored the idea of ​​a split between European nations during the crisis and praised China’s “donation diplomacy,” US officials said. However, Chinese companies ‘supply of substandard equipment and the European leaders’ expressed suspicion of China’s handling of the disease were not mentioned.

> “China is very open and transparent about corona virus; America cannot bully China ”

Information war

The United States and China are facing an information war regarding the Wuhan Pneumonia pandemic.

Zhao Lian, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, denied that Beijing was not transparent during the pandemic.

In March, Zhao posted on Twitter suggesting that the US military brought corona virus to Wuhan to cause an outbreak. The message was then shared by the official Twitter accounts of Chinese embassies and consulates.

Over the past year, the number of Chinese diplomats and embassies on Twitter has increased by 250%, said Laura Rosenberger, of the Marshall Foundation, a Washington-based group of consultants.

China’s state-run global television system (CGTN) produced a video aimed at viewers in the Middle East in which an Arabic-speaking host asserted that “some new events” had pointed out that the pandemic may have originated when the US participated in the October military sports competition in Wuhan. This video has attracted more than 365,000 views on YouTube.

“The CCP is mobilizing its global information machines, including state media as well as Chinese diplomats, to push away selected and localized false stories,” Lea Gabrielle, coordinator of the Global Engagement Center at the State Department, said.

Some analysts say it is at the core of China’s “Wolf Warrior” diplomatic strategy, which aims to spread chaos and undermine confidence in the American government.

Since January, various information has been widely shared in the United States, such as virus information originating from the US military laboratory at Fort Detrick in Maryland; viruses can be killed with garlic water, vitamin C, etc. Often the articles are “sourced” anonymously in the US government or an organization such as John Hopkins University or Stanford University.

Xuan Lan (according to NYT)

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