China’s two-dimensional game counterattack the birthplace of the two-dimensional

Compared with the domestic two-dimensional game track, Japan, the birthplace of the two-dimensional game, is more spacious and cruel.

According to Sensor Tower’s announcement of the TOP20 mobile games going to sea in Japan in 2020 in Q4, you can see them, including 7 models including “Yuanjin”, “Idle Girl”, “Idol Dream Festival 2 (same as “Idol Dream Festival!! MUSIC”) Dimensional games are all on the list, and two dimensional games are among the top three in revenue.

In fact, China’s two-dimensional mobile game looks at the whole of Japan and has achieved remarkable results.

“Yuan Shen” and “Idle Girl” have also entered the top 10 in the 2020 Japanese mobile game Q4 income list. Friends who understand the Japanese market should understand that in “Monster Marbles”, “Fate/Grand Order”, “Zhilong Lost City” “, “Pokemon GO” these local Japanese games dominate the charts all the year round, it is not easy for the games exported to Japan to be among the top 10 revenue charts.

As the only three Chinese mobile games on the list, it’s not unexpected that the world’s hot two-dimensional game “Yuan Shen” appeared on this list in 2020. What is interesting is that it has been launched for nearly 4 years but still “Idle Girl”, which steadily appeared on the list, is one of the few two-dimensional games that can last forever in the Japanese market.

The two-dimensional game market has its particularities.

The two-dimensional game market is a market where players play several games at the same time, and the long-term performance of excellent products is relatively stable. In other words, the two-dimensional game market is a market dominated by the head with a high degree of overlap.

In order to better analyze the situation of the top Chinese two-dimensional games in the Japanese market, Gaming Xinzhi selected 20 two-dimensional games from Chinese companies for analysis in the top 300 best-selling games in Japan in the fourth quarter of 2020. Since the 20 two-dimensional games selected this time all include RPG gameplay, they are not specifically marked in the game type. In the table, the games above the red line are sorted in the order of the TOP20 best-selling Q4, and the rankings below the red line are in no particular order.

The oldest and new three in the two-dimensional game market in Japan

In the table compiled by the new game knowledge, the games published or operated by the three companies of Yostar Network, Music Element, and Youai Interactive Entertainment are relatively old, and the layout of these three companies in the two-dimensional game market in Japan is also the earliest batch . Correspondingly, they will also face new challengers, namely Mihayou, Bilibili, and Youzu.

The third oldest home: Youxing Network

Through the investment of investors introduced by Mihayou Liu Wei, the Unistar Network was established in 2014, and since the establishment of the Unistar Network, the two-dimensional market has been targeted. The first game “Nonuo from” launched on March 30, 2016 Another World is a two-dimensional game. Although “Nono comes from another world” is short-lived, but through the quality of the game, you can fully feel the “two-dimensional soul” of Yostar Network.

Since then, the Unistar Network has turned to game publishing, successively acting as an agent for “Azur Lane”, investing in Eagle Horn and acting for “Tomorrow’s Ark”, and cooperating with South Korea to publish “The Seventh Epic”, and then retrying self-development and development “Sparrow Soul Mahjong” was released and released overseas.

The old three: Music Element

The reputation of Le Element in the Japanese two-dimensional game company is by no means inferior to the domestic “Happy Diminishing Music”, and the layout of the Japanese two-dimensional game is also earlier than the “Happy Diminishing Music” launch time. Le Element’s Japanese branch, Le Element Co., Ltd. (HEKK for short) was established in 2010. It has one company and two studios, Grimoire, which is responsible for game development and operation. (Representative of “The Brave Sword and the Soul of Flame” “); the main R&D team, Cacalia Studio (representative works “Meruk Monogatari” and “Idol Dream Festival”); MiniAscape (representative work “Guardians of the Sky”), a studio that produces small games.

The official mascot of Cacalia Studio (Left Lian, Right Calin)

On January 31, 2014, Le Element launched “Meroko Monogatari” on Google Play in the Japanese market. The ARPU value of the game was as high as US$2 that year, and the ARPU value of core paying users was even more than US$50. , 13 days after it went online, the revenue was nearly 6 million yuan, which was still a very strong gold absorption that year. Until now, “Meroko Monogatari” is still active in Japan’s best-selling list of about 300, there are not many two-dimensional games with such a long life but still vitality, which also confirms the strength of Le Element in the two-dimensional game market in Japan.

In 2020, HEKK launched two games, “Idol Dream Festival 2” and “Eriage” (HELIOS Rising Heroes) in the Japanese market.

The old three: there is love and mutual entertainment

Since “Idle Girl” has dominated the Japanese game rankings for a long time, Youai and Mutual Entertainment are also well-known. In addition to “Idle Girl”, this company that has exhausted Japanese two-dimensional idle games has only two games in operation. As the youngest of the three, Youai Huyu, who appears to be the thinnest among the three, presents “singularity” in a speechless manner.

New Three: Miha Tour

Mihayou is already a well-known two-dimensional game company in China, and since the launch of “Benghuai Academy” in 2015, Mihayou has shown its ambitions in the Japanese market. However, neither “Benghuai Academy” or later “Benghuai 3” did not allow Mihayou to successfully hit the IPO. Two years after the launch of “Beng Huai 3” to 2020, Mihayou not only conquered the Japanese market with “Yuan Shen”, but also made the whole world sigh.

The new three: Bilibili

At present, Bilibili is already an important domestic two-dimensional game distribution channel, and it has represented more than 500 games. On November 26, 2014, Bilibili established a branch in Tokyo, Japan, and is responsible for more than just game publishing, operation and Research and development. When a company that originally focused on the two-dimensional cultural circle joined the competition in the two-dimensional game market in Japan, Bilibili also showed strong strength. Its agency released “Food Language”, “Reloaded War Girl” and “Princess” “Link Re: Dive” is among the best in Japan’s free list.

New Three: Youzu Network

To be precise, it is the Singapore branch of From the above table, it is not difficult to find that Youzu has also released two two-dimensional games in Japan in 2020, namely “Red: Pride of Eden” and “Sale’s Light”. These two games have also been won. The 13th and 34th on the Japanese bestseller list. In addition to these two games, in 2020, Youzu will also publish in Japan “Shounen Three Kingdoms 2”, “ゲーム?ァ≈?スローンズ-冬来たる (Game of Thrones)”, “Ace Archer (Ace Archer)” 》These three games.

Flowing game, iron card

Two-dimensional games are innately compatible with card gameplay.

The charging strategy of “drawing cards” in card games is not new. When it is put into reality, “blind boxes” similar to “drawing cards” are also showing their fists. Recently, more and more offline boutiques On the shelves for sale mightily. The charm of this gameplay that takes advantage of the weakness of human nature does not need to be repeated.

Corresponding to the “drawing card” in the two-dimensional game, it is not just a “card” that is drawn, but all the content related to the “card” drawn, including but not only the CG, models, and stories of the characters And settings, values ​​and strategies, and these contents are the core part of the two-dimensional game.

The argument of “human rights card” often appears in the player community. In fact, a simple “one card” certainly cannot deviate human rights, but this argument also reflects the importance of “drawing cards” to the content of the game.

When “drawing cards” became an indispensable part of the two-dimensional game to unlock characters, promote the plot, and develop the characters, it essentially sold the game content through “drawing cards”, plus “drawing cards” on the market today. With the declining probability of “card”, it is not difficult to understand why the card-drawing two-dimensional game attracts so much money.

Among the 20 best-selling domestic two-dimensional games in Japan, card gameplay occupies half of the country, and these games have their own unique features after adding different gameplay. Because the content of the two-dimensional game is the core of the gameplay, the overall game still appears to be heavier than other games. The new knowledge of the game will briefly divide these gameplays into light, medium, and heavy games for the time being for analysis.

Mild gameplay: “Idle Girl”, “Spirit Soul Mahjong”, “Xi Fei Q Biography”

In Japan, the development of mobile two-dimensional games is early, and now the majority of Japanese two-dimensional game users are between 30 and 40 years old. This is the reason that most people have money in their lives but their pursuit of life has not diminished. At this stage, “Idle Girl” is exactly this point. Since the third quarter of 2019, “Idle Girl” has not fallen out of the top 20 best-selling games in Japan. In the first half of 2020 when “Yuan Shen” has not yet been launched, “Idle Girl” has even remained the second tightest. After “Operation Wilderness”.

When the two-dimensional game chooses the idle gameplay, it is equivalent to giving up a large number of players online time. In a relatively more limited online time, the game needs to output more and better content to the player, which becomes the focus of idle gameplay. The most important.

“Idle Girl”, which uses sex and the theme of the Three Kingdoms, has a large number of exquisite character images, sufficient and self-consistent character settings and plots, and a reasonable numerical growth curve in the game. The lightweight “Idle Girl” has succeeded Equation.

Youai Huyu, the producer of “Idle Girl”, set up a branch in Japan to be responsible for the distribution and operation of the game, and its publicity strategy has won the hearts of Japanese users.

The third anniversary advertisement of “Idle Girl” invited the popular Japanese “Secondary Goddess” Kannaa Hashimoto to star. As of 15:00 on the day the advertisement was released, the advertisement video on the Twitter page alone had been viewed more than 63,000 times. In the third anniversary event, “Idle Girl” even held a creation contest at “P Station”. The prize money of the event was up to 300,000 yen, equivalent to about 190,000 yuan, which was not a big deal in game announcements.

In terms of light gameplay, there are also “Bird Soul Mahjong” which represents chess and cards and “Xi Fei Q Biography” which represents Gong Dou.

The cat food studio that produced “Sparrow Soul Mahjong” selected Japanese mahjong in response to local conditions, and Japan’s Youxing Network, which publishes the game, gradually spread the distribution channels to the web, mobile, and Steam platforms. Through the early layout and the influence of the two-dimensional drama “Genius Mahjong Girl”, the publicity and distribution of “Bird Soul Mahjong” is also smoother, and a lot of tap water has poured into it. On February 18, 2020, the number of registered users of “Sparrow Soul Mahjong” reached 300,000 users on February 18, 2020, 11 months after the page game was launched and nearly 4 months after the mobile game was launched.

However, “Sparrow Soul Mahjong” will not be considered real power until February 18, 2020.

As of June 18, 2020, the number of registered users of “Sparrow Soul Mahjong” in the past 4 months has exceeded 1 million. This phenomenon of soaring users is not only accumulated, and “Sparrow Soul Mahjong” is used in Japan. Vtuber’s promotion strategy also matters.

VTuber Hiiro live broadcast of “Soul Mahjong”

“Xi Fei Q Biography” is a female-to-text dress-up game under the banner of Friendship Time. In addition to following the traditional Chinese palace fighting theme of “Xi Fei Q Biography”, it also adds a two-dimensional style of painting, aiming at the gap of the two-dimensional women to the market The approach makes it rarely rivals in the same type of products.

Like the two games mentioned above, “Xi Fei Q Biography” also uses the Internet celebrity economy in its publicity strategy, and uses the current highly topical two-dimensional voice actors for the dubbing of the game characters; relying on Japanese players Love the habit of second creation, and invite well-known painters to play the head role in the creation of colleagues.

“Xi Fei Q Biography” voice actor signed version

Moderate gameplay: “Tomorrow’s Ark”, “Idol Dream Festival 2”, “Dream Link”

It has been a year since “Tomorrow’s Ark” landed in Japan. This game published by the Hong Kong Unistar Network in Japan has topped the free list as soon as it went live, and then won on July 29, 2020. No. 1 in Japan’s best-selling list, there is no doubt about its strength.

Unlike the Japanese Unistar Network, the Hong Kong Unistar Network’s “Ark of Tomorrow” and “Azur Lane” are both higher on the best-selling list. In addition to the game themes and gameplay more attracting money, its advertising in Japan Also more ferocious. Relying on the popularity of the game itself, Hong Kong Yostar spent tens of millions of RMB in the initial launch period. Compared with other products, it is more straightforward to use the Internet celebrity economy. Of course, the effect is immediate.

The impact of the event on July 29th can not be ignored

In the two-dimensional game type, “Tomorrow’s Ark” has chosen a rare tower defense. Today, no one in the two-dimensional tower defense game can outperform it. Coupled with the game’s control of level values, “Tomorrow’s Ark” looks better than the other two. Dimensional games are more hardcore.

The producer of “Tomorrow’s Ark” is also just right for the game art. As mentioned above, the two-dimensional game drawing card is not a simple character art product, but a lot of content behind it. The producer Haimao once said, “In the second dimension game, more important than the art is the “concept construction” that includes the art elements. “The second dimension players value the “cultural creation” part more and pay more attention to the spirit of the game. Richness”.

Like “Xi Fei Q Biography”, “Idol Dream Festival 2”, which is also aimed at two-dimensional women to the market, takes a different approach. The gameplay has become a music game, and the theme is set in the idol culture that is more recognized by the Japanese. On the premise of not breaking the tradition of music games, coupled with the previous as an IP work, to do better in all aspects of idol culture is the magic weapon for “Idol Dream Festival 2”.

Compared with choosing AVG’s “Xifei Q Biography”, choosing idol MUG’s “Idol Dream Festival” is more like a plan. The content inside and outside the game is polished more refined than ordinary games: each game character group is matched Exclusive songs, coupled with the release of fan plays, novels, stage plays, combined CDs, etc. of the same name, the entire game IP has begun to take shape. The project of “Idol Dream Festival” is also one of the largest projects under the Japanese music element.

In Japan, the atmosphere of idol culture is also closer to people’s lives. Whether it is frequent handshake meetings or cheer performances that can be seen on the side of the road from time to time, the distance between idols and ordinary people seems to be separated by a veil. Then come to the virtual idol. It has been almost 14 years since the first virtual idol Hatsune Miku that entered the public’s field of vision. The virtual idol, which is no longer a niche, has just entered the “Idol Dream Festival”.

Who can refuse the hand extended by the handsome guy?If so, it’s not handsome enough

The experience of “Dream Link” developed by Beijing Longquan Storm at home and abroad can be described as a bipolar reversal.

Compared with the short-lived domestic shelves and the bleak situation that was renamed “Dreamland Reshaping” and re-launched, “Dreamland Link”, which was released overseas, seemed to be looted and released by four companies in different countries. And, which is responsible for the release of “Dream Link” in Japan, won the first place in Japan’s free list on the day of the launch of “Dream Link” on iOS. At present, the income of “Dream Link” in Japan is stable at about 100 in the rankings, which is a good result as a two-dimensional game that has just launched in Japan.

In 2019, Yihuan Network, which formed a Japanese operation team, launched the “Dream Link” released in Japan. It invited the actor Kanada Misakura from the popular Japanese drama “Hansawa Naoki 2” as the spokesperson. As far as the current situation is concerned, the TV commercials she starred in are quite satisfactory.

Heavy gameplay: “Original God”, “Dream Simulated Battle”, “Realm·Realm-Soul Awakening”

Among the games that must be mentioned in 2020, “Original God” will definitely appear.

“Yuan Shen”, which was launched simultaneously globally on September 28, 2020, is a blockbuster. Although the two-dimensional attribute is ubiquitously reflected in this game, the specifications and scale of marketing and research and development used by it far exceed those of various two-dimensional games. Whether it is the official R&D funding of up to 100 million US dollars or the simultaneous launch of multiple terminals and multiple regions, the “Yuan Shen” has been widely exposed to the public in a very eye-catching manner in a short period of time, attracting wave after wave User. And its over-spec marketing and research and development have made “Original God” an irresistible attraction for users who have not been exposed to two-dimensional and open world games.

The result is also quite amazing. In just one month of going online, its estimated overseas income has exceeded 160 million U.S. dollars, and it has successively topped the best-selling lists in major markets. The original “God” hit the entire game industry.

In terms of the difficulty of the game, “Dream Simulator” is definitely the first echelon in the two-dimensional game. After two years in the Japanese market, “Dream Simulator” still ranks among the best sellers in Japan from time to time. TOP100.

Although the appearance of “Dream Simulation War” is still the same, the hidden problems may break out at any time: the game IP has been deposited for 30 years, the fan base in Japan is huge, and the game of war chess in the mobile game market is non-mainstream and difficult to stay. Live new fans; in order to attract more users, the purchase cost can be tens of millions in a month, but the real core users are few. The conversion rate of game purchases is worrying; the update speed of game content is the fastest in the two-dimensional game The core users are the most critical.

After two years of operation in China, with the Reaper IP, one of the three major migrant workers in Japan, the 3D fighting game “Realm · Realm-Soul Awakening” will land in Japan on August 4, 2020 with a natural traffic advantage. Climbed to the top of Japan’s free list on the day of launch. It was launched on September 17th, also an anime IP adaptation game. The card ARPG game “Saint Seiya” developed by Tencent Tianmei L1 Studio also topped the free list in Japan on the day it was launched.

For such anime IP-adapted games, the degree of restoration of the original is always an inevitable pit. The fans of the original will also have higher expectations for the game. Therefore, fans will judge the quality of the game more harshly and not. Show mercy. And “Boundary·Realm-Soul Awakening” and “Saint Seiya” both spare no effort to restore the original setting, story and art style. After crossing the pit of reduction, they will naturally gain fans of the original. Favor.

Such games, including “Dream Simulation War”, are actually in an awkward position in the two-dimensional game. Due to the blessing of animation IP, it is hard not to classify it as a two-dimensional game. However, such games are often The content of the game has been criticized and even expelled from the “two-dimensional game status” by two-dimensional players. The criticality of the core users of the two-dimensional game is once again reflected.

Intercepted from the Internet circulated “One Picture to Understand the Game of Two Spines”

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