China's "Top 10 Internet Drama Actresses": Some people have become "little queens", while others are facing a plunge in popularity

China’s “Top 10 Internet Drama Actresses”: Some people have become “little queens”, while others are facing a plunge in popularity

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Nowadays, when satellite TV becomes less and less able to play, web dramas are beginning to receive more and more attention.

Relatively speaking, web dramas will be more lenient in content, and therefore many high-quality web dramas have been produced.

Since then, more and more web dramas have invested more than 100 million, or even hundreds of millions, and many heavyweights in movies and TV dramas have also begun to play web dramas.

In the early days, actors who made their fortunes from online dramas also caught up with the popularity of online dramas. Their careers have also developed rapidly, and they have slowly developed into popular actors who dominate the screen today.

But the same is the originator of web dramas, and at the same starting line, not everyone can follow the path.

Recently, according to the data standards of being born after 90 years, making a debut or becoming a famous online drama, and at least 2 starring online drama works in the past three years, Guduo Data has selected the top ten online drama Xiaohua in China, which is the online drama world. Of new actresses, let’s take a look at how many do you know?

(Note: The following rankings are in no particular order, and the reverse order of age shall prevail)

10. Chen Yuqi

Year of birth: 1992

Masterpieces: “Happy Two Worlds” and “Heavy Fire on the Moon”

Chen Yuqi’s resume is also very rich and wonderful.

After graduating from university, Chen Yuqi chose to go to Hengdian to be a horizontal drifter to pursue her dream. Because of her outstanding appearance, she soon became a special actor in all major production crews in Hengdian.

By a coincidence, Chen Yuqi met Tang Yan and was appreciated by Tang Yan. She became the first contracted artist of Tang Yan’s studio. She also played the supporting role of the nine princess Tuoba Di in the “Splendid Weiyang” starring Tang Yan. The 2017 China TV Drama Quality Ceremony “Annual Emerging Drama Star” Award.

After that, Liuying also made a deep impression in “Sweet Honey as Ashes as Frost”. Several supporting roles were outstanding in succession, and she soon began to star in TV dramas.

In 2018, she starred in “Evening Heaven and Slaying Dragon” and “Two Worlds Huan” one after another. Her interpretation of “Zhao Min” was recognized by the audience, and the “Two Worlds Huan” starring Yu Mengyu was the most common sweetness of web dramas. For the type of drama, Chen Yuqi’s performance can only be said to be quite satisfactory.

In 2020, her partner Luo Yunxi’s “Monthly Fire” has set off an upsurge in watching dramas, and won the second place in the domestic online drama popularity in the first half of the year.

And she will also collaborate with Li Yifeng in “The Two Cities of Mirrors”, “A Romance of Time and Space” starring Hu Yifeng, “Antique Bureau Middle Game” starring Qu Chuxiao, and “Private Shushan Academy” starring Wang Yibo. “.

Judging from the mix of actors and IP resources, Chen Yuqi’s resources are quite good.

In fact, Chen Yuqi’s appearance is still very recognizable. She is a heroic-looking actress who is rare in domestic entertainment. If she studies acting well, I believe she still has room for improvement.

But it must be fast, now Xiaohua after 00 has begun to conquer the world, Chen Yuqi has few masterpieces from 1992, and there is not much time left for her.

9. Wu Qian

Year of birth: 1992

Representative works: “The Magic Night of the Tang Dynasty”, “I Only Like You”, “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky”

Putting Wu Qian in the online drama Xiaohua may not be understood by many people. As early as 2019, Wu Qian was called by Hong Kong media as the “king” of the four online dramas in the mainland.

Not to mention that in the past two years, Wu Qian’s early dramas are indeed very good. Whether it is a leading role or a supporting role, she has a strong sense of presence. “Aura” is the word that describes her most.

Wu Qian graduated from Wuhan University. During her college years, she received attention for her role as a book model in Rao Xueman’s novel “Freckles”, and she soon signed a contract with a film and television company.

And what really made her popular was Xiao Mosheng in “Why Shengxiaomo”. After that, Wu Qian made a lot of web dramas, “My Amazing Boyfriend”, “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky”, and “The Magic Night of the Tang Dynasty”. “I Only Like You”, among which “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky” has a considerable amount of play.

As an artist under Huace, although Wu Qian has a high output of online dramas, her development is not limited to online dramas. It can be said that she is currently the most broadcasted online drama Xiaohuali, and there are also many large-scale dramas. set.

In 2017, “Fighter of the Destiny”, “Snow Pear Stewed in Rock Sugar” in 2020, and “Eight Nine Zero” in 2021, he also participated in the film version of “A Little Smile Is Allure”.

For the online drama Xiaohua, this kind of achievement is really the envy of everyone.

But in the past two years, Wu Qian’s appearance in front of the screen has become less and less. In 2021, news of her and Zhang Yujian’s marriage and childbirth came to light, and her private photos were no longer “aura”.

This will also have a great impact on her future development, and it can even be said that her popularity has plummeted.

As a powerful little flower born in the 90s, Wu Qian is really a pity.

8, crown now

Year of birth: 1994

Representative works: “Suddenly This Summer”, “Chasing the Ball”, “Twenty Do Not Confused”

Bu Guanjin belongs to one of the few acting schools in the online drama Xiaohua. She is a specially recommended actress for the China Internet Audiovisual Conference.

Bu Guanjin came from a major and graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. In 2016, he was well-known by the audience for his “Donkey Gets Water”, but it was the web drama “Suddenly This Summer” starring her and Bai Yu that really opened up the popularity.

Although this drama is a youth school drama, Bu Guanjin’s acting skills in it can be described as stunning.

The self-denial of falling books, the tears when he was admitted to Huaqing, and the quarrel scenes that were regarded as classics. All the stages are naturally high school students, and it can be said that there is almost no trace of acting.

After that, her development also followed a steady and steady route.

While continuing to broaden the play in online dramas, successively starred in “Chasing the Ball” and “Pretty Women”, while also beginning to develop into satellite TV dramas. The big hit drama “Twenty Do Not Confused” in 2020 was starred by her and gained a lot. She also participated in the highly acclaimed “Qipao Beauty Detective”, and she is also developing in the direction of movies.

Whether it is a TV series or a movie, her acting skills have always been natural and unconscious, which also allows us to see where her strength lies.

She should be considered the lowest-key among the ten online drama Xiaohua, but the quality of the dramas she starred in has always been quite stable.

Next, she will continue to play online dramas and TV dramas with both hands. We believe that her efforts will eventually pay off.

7, Xing Fei

Year of birth: 1994

Masterpieces: “A warm hour to us” “Forget You Remember Love”

As the sister chapter of “Little Beautiful”, when “Small Light” was broadcast, the male lead Lin Yi and the female lead Xing Fei also harvested a lot of traffic by relying on the drama.

But no one thought that this well-known drama also became the peak of the two people’s traffic.

Xing Fei, who is known for her cute looks and quirky interpretation, is basically the same as the role she played, but she is not as good as “Hour Light”, and most of them are double flutters in human dramas.

She and Niu Junfeng’s “His Royal Highness,” the Douban score is only 4.2 points, and the remake of “Forget You, Remember Love” starring Kanazawa has a Douban score of 2.9, and only more than 3,000 people scored it, which can be described as thorough.

Immediately after starring Yu Mengyu, “Mingyue Zengzhao Jiangdonghan” is a hot costume martial arts drama genre in 2020. Fei Xing’s appearance in the play is also very good, and she has also been squeezed into the top 5 popular online dramas in October. In the case of netizens’ discussion degree and index are both dominant, the actor still failed to get popular with this drama.

Just halfway through this year, Xing Fei has already aired two starring web dramas, namely the youth romantic drama “My Little Fortune” starring Tang Xiaotian, and the urban fantasy romantic drama “Miss Crow and Mr. Lizard” starring Ren Jialun.

It can be seen that Fei Xing’s film and television resources have always been good, but there is always a lack of opportunity to become a big hit. Perhaps his image is not the only one in the online drama Xiaohua, and the roles he starred in are similar. See if you can find something through transformation. A sense of existence.

6. Ju Jingyi

Year of birth: 1994

Representative works: “Biography of Yun Xi”, “Pretty Scholar”, “Wishful Fangfei”

Among all the online drama Xiaohua, Ju Jingyi is very productive and relatively dedicated.

Since her debut, she has appeared in 21 works (broadcast and unbroadcast).

Ju Jingyi was originally from a women’s team. At the age of 19 in 2013, she participated in the recruitment of SNH48’s second-stage students. After that, she officially debuted with the song “It’s All Caused by the Night Wind”. During SNH48, she was in the general election twice. the first.

In 2014, she exploded because of the title of “Four Thousand Years of Beauty”. Although negative reviews have been constant, it has also brought her a lot of traffic. She also took this opportunity to set foot in the film and television industry.

First, I played soy sauce in “Sky City in Kyushu”, and soon began to star in web dramas. Although there is no big fire in the web dramas broadcast, the genre and performance methods are fixed in a pattern, but Ju Jingyi’s web dramas have always been about Not broken.

And although the Ju-style semi-permanent makeup in web dramas has been criticized, in real life, her red carpet or event makeup is frequently out of the circle, and even sparked an upsurge of imitation in the beauty makeup industry.

If Ju Jingyi’s “ambition” is only in the category of online dramas, her efforts and acting skills are indeed enough, but if you want to develop in other fields, you still need to polish your acting skills.

After all, only a face can only be an “idol”, not an “actor”.

5. Liang Jie

Year of birth: 1994

Masterpieces: “The Eternal Love”, “You Are My Destiny”, “The Day When I Became You”

Although it is said that she relies on the heroines of online dramas to get out of the circle, Liang Jie is truly “famous in sweet dramas.”

In 2017, the costume sweet pet drama “The Eternal Love” was launched. This is Liang Jie’s first costume and her first time as the heroine.

Unexpectedly, the “frank couple” in the play was a big fire, and Gao Tian’s plot also made the audience want to stop. In the end, the play became the dark horse of the annual online drama with more than 5.8 billion views.

Including the theme song “Jiu Zhang Ji”, a total of 8 songs ost reached a million collections.

This drama was quite popular at the time, especially the “exquisite” kiss scenes in the drama, such as the “Sandwich Biscuit Kiss” and “Energy Triangle Kiss” that went out of the circle.

After the three parts of “The Eternal Love”, the total kiss scenes will exceed 200, with the third part exceeding 80 times as the highest.

Because of her sweet and pleasant appearance, Liang Jie is very popular with audiences. Her performance is also one of the top 10 online drama Xiaohuas.

Several of her starring dramas are basically airborne, but none of them have been broadcast. The first part of “The Eternal Love” has a total of 5.8 billion broadcasts and the second is 4 billion.

Although “You Are My Destiny” has a bad reputation, it has more than 2 billion views.

It is a pity that Liang Jie was exposed to the love affair of Pubajia when she just started her career, which affected her career to a certain extent.

Fortunately, Liang Jie, who was delayed by love for 4 years, finally broke up with this year’s official announcement. In addition, Liang Jie’s performance in the modern love comedy “The Day That Became You” has gained praise and her strength has finally been seen.

I hope that Ms. Liang Jie can take a good walk in the future~

4. Shen Yue

Year of birth: 1997

Masterpieces: “To Our Simple Little Beauty”, “Meteor Garden”, “July and Ansheng”

Shen Yue is also a “net celebrity” who became popular online by his looks. With his fresh Japanese looks, he was once sought after by many netizens on the Internet.

But what is really remembered by people is the “To Our Simple Little Beauty”, in which Chen Xiaoxi, a petite and vigorous girl in the play, made Shen Yue a hit overnight.

In fact, although Shen Yue’s appearance is not of the exquisite type, she is better than the fresh and natural, her own naive girl next door looks very comfortable, and the audience has always been very good.

“Little Beautiful” has 4.39 billion views. Even “Meteor Garden”, which was not well-known or even hacked on the Internet, has 5.6 billion views, and the co-actors can also be named.

But also limited by looks, Shen Yue can do relatively few types, and the next few dramas still follow the route of a young girl.

And I’ve been on the road of idol dramas, but the acting skills have not made a qualitative leap. The problems that have been exposed in “Meteor Garden” have not been solved in “July and Ansheng”, and Chen Duling is the two of them. Abuse the audience together.

Coupled with the body that can’t be controlled from time to time, and the proportion of the body is a little bit abused, resulting in Shenyue’s passerby extremely unstable.

I still have a chance to make a comeback by polishing my acting skills while I’m still young.

3. Zhao Lusi

Year of birth: 1998

Masterpiece: “Oh! “My Emperor” “The Rumored Chen Qianqian”

Looking at Zhao Lusi again this year, she has undoubtedly become the most well-known of these ten online drama Xiaohua.

In 2020, with the anti-routine network drama “The Rumored Chen Qianqian”, Zhao Lusi gained huge attention overnight.

After this, her star journey can be described with the word “brilliant”.

Let’s talk about this later. In fact, before Chen Qianqian, Zhao Lusi had already become popular on the Internet, which can be described as the “first-generation Internet celebrity.”

At that time, Zhao Lusi, who was still a junior high school student, became popular on the Internet because of her own photo stickers. Many people used her photos as their profile pictures.

After that, she has not formally set foot in the entertainment industry, and she has been a guest for many periods in the “Mars Intelligence Agency” hosted by Wang Han. Until 2017, she first played a small role in “Sewing Machine Band”, and in 2018 she appeared in The first film and television series “Phoenix Seeking Phoenix”.

Soon, she was promoted from a supporting role to a leading role, opening the way for a web drama heroine.

From “Oh! “My Emperor” to “Blue Life and Death”, from “Tian Lei Part One: Spring Flowers and Autumn Moon” to “Three Thousand Crows Killing”, it is not unproductive.

Although there are many dramas starring in it, it was not until “Chen Qianqian” that Zhao Lusi began to really become popular.

Later, with the modern love drama “I, Like You” crazy fans, in the drama she and Lin Yushen, who are 18 years apart, are not too sweet. The “CP physique” that she can build with anyone has also begun to shine.

In the highly discussed “Long Song Xing” this year, she and Liu Yuning’s “Hao Yan CP” created material for how many editing grandma masters.

Next, she also partnered with the costume hero Yang Yang’s “Let’s Test the World”, “Guozijian Comes a Female Disciple” with Xu Kaicheng, and “Hutong” co-starring with Hou Minghao, which have greatly become the queen of online drama traffic. trend.

It seems that although there are still a few web dramas that have received attention, the leader of the web drama Xiaohua has also begun to want to develop in the direction of non-web drama.

2. Song Zuer

Year of birth: 1998

Masterpieces: “Miscellaneous Records of Kyushu” and “Emperor of the Night”

Song Zuer is a proper child star.

He started filming at the age of 7, and appeared on the Spring Festival Gala at the age of 9. At the age of 11, he was well-known by the audience for playing Ne Zha in the costume myth drama “The Prelude to the Baolian Lantern”.

However, after that, she did not continue to film, but chose to focus on her studies, during which she took the time to star in a comedy film “The Los Angeles Trick or Treat Project.”

At the age of 19, she officially returned to the entertainment industry, starring in her first online drama “Emperor of the Night”, and soon had her second online drama “Tongue Harm”.

After that, he also participated in the TV drama “Kyushu Misty Record”, and played the leading role in this big production and star-studded drama.

This drama is Song Zuer’s most out-of-the-loop work. Although he collaborated with popular actors such as Ruan Jingtian, Wu Lei, and Wang Junkai, none of the works were remembered.

But Song Zuer is talented in acting, and her performance is still remarkable in several episodes with poor plots.

Next, her focus has also shifted from online dramas to satellite TV dramas, and her resources are getting better and better. The male actors she collaborates with are all very popular recently.

“Children of the Qiao Family”, which will be broadcast soon, is still a big drama cooperating with Noon Sunshine, with Bai Yu and Mao Xiaotong, “Don’t Fall in Love with the Boss” partner Huang Zitao, and “My Superhero” partner Zhang Zhehan.

It is worth mentioning that Song Zuer received a lot of attention in the early days because of his appearance, and was dubbed “Little Cecilia Cheung” by the audience. However, after it has been fully developed, Song Zuer also has his own iconic appearance.

1. Li Randi

Year of birth: 1999

Masterpieces: “Hello, Old Time”, “Wuxin Master”, “Menghui”

Li Randi is the youngest among the ten netizens, but she became famous very early.

In 2017, the domestic youth film “Hello, Old Times” with a score of 8.7 on Douban was launched. Yu Zhouzhou played by Landi Li is not only in appearance and even temperament, but also very much in line with the expectations of Chinese youth dramas.

In fact, Li Randi debuted in the movie “Who Did You Lose To Love” as early as 10 years old, and later starred in a series of “boyhood” roles in “The Witness of the People”, “Made in Hanyang” and other works.

As an experienced “old” actor, Li Landi’s acting skills have always been recognized. When he participated in “I Am an Actor” in 2018, he was highly praised by Zhang Ziyi, Xu Zheng, and Lu Chuan:

“I couldn’t act like her at the age of 19, the little girl is too good.”

In the same year, she starred in Su Yunjin as a teenager in “So You Are Still Here”, which also received a lot of praise.

It’s a pity that the good times didn’t last long. In 2019, the Qing Dynasty drama “Dream Back” created by the Tang Dynasty was launched. In the drama, Li Randi, who gained a lot of weight, put on complicated Qing palace costumes, and the whole person seemed to be inflated.

In this drama, the audience’s focus is not on her acting well or not, but whether she is fat or not, and there are even tidbits released. The male protagonist can’t hold her and she has to ask the staff to help with a ladder.

Poor scripts can easily consume the audience’s goodwill towards the actors, but people with strength will always be seen. Judging from Li Randi’s list of upcoming dramas, she still has 4 dramas in her hand, including both period dramas and modern dramas. The play road has been widened a lot.

And judging from her recent photos, Li Randi can be considered a successful weight loss, look forward to her work.

In general, these 10 actresses who have emerged from online dramas or because of the popularity of online dramas are all born in the 90s, but although the way of making a fortune is the same, their subsequent developments are quite different.

Some jumped out of the Internet drama circle, began to turn to more influential platforms, and even began to get electrocuted movies.

But again, no matter how you develop, hard power is the minimum requirement after all. It is only for a while to be popularized by online dramas, and whether you can become popular in the future depends on your own efforts.

Finally, attach a group photo of 10 major web dramas Xiaohua:

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