Tau vu Thien Van - 1 Chinese money into the image of star Hoa Anh 1The first image of Mars was taken by a Chinese probe of the Tiananmen-1 from a distance of 2.2 million km. (Photo: THX / TTXVN)

On February 10, Chinese media reported that the country’s probe has entered Mars’ orbit, Tianwen-1.

In the announcement, Zhang Rongqiao, the official in charge of the Mars discovery mission, said: “The ship has entered orbit around the planet. Mars as expected. We are now looking forward to the ship’s successful Mars landing mission. “

Previously, the ship Thien Van – 1 was launched into space on July 23, 2020, marking a breakthrough in China’s plan to explore the planets. This probe’s mission is to fly around Mars orbit, carrying a ship landing and a self-propelled robot with a total weight of about 5 tons to study the soil conditions on the Red Planet.

According to the plan, Thien Van-1 will begin deploying activities to explore Mars from April 2021.

Until now, Mars remains a challenging target for space exploration, as most of the missions launched by the US, Russia, Europe, Japan and India since 1960 have ended. in failure.

The Heavenly Ship -1 is not China’s first attempt to reach Mars. Before that, the country had cooperated with Russia in 2011./.

Anh Hien (VNA / Vietnam +)