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China's new high-speed train will reach speeds of nearly 600km / h, setting a new world record

A recently announced prototype of a high-speed high-speed train in China is designed to be able to transport passengers at nearly 600km / h, equivalent to 370 miles per hour (mph). This number is more than … 150mph compared to the fastest high speed train that is currently being operated – 217mph running between Beijing and Shanghai.

This new ship, developed by the state-owned China Railway Corporation (CRCC), is designed not to run on rails but to float on rails using technology called magnetic flight. , use the interactive magnetic field between the track and the train so that this vehicle can float and glide forward.

With this speed of horror, the ship could exceed the speed of commercial aircraft travel in some cases. Mr. Sing Sansan, the head of the ship development team, told the Qingdao Daily newspaper that a trip from Beijing to Shanghai using this ship only takes about 3 ưỡi hours instead of four and a half hours when traveling by plane.

According to some information, this ship will be put into commercial use officially in 2021, but it is unclear exactly when. Railway experts need to thoroughly test a long period of time before putting it into service, because this very high speed will be particularly complicated.

The magnetic field train has been developing for decades. It uses super strong electromagnets to lift the ship on the track and glide with thrust. This minimizes friction by the wheels like traditional ships, thus helping to achieve extremely fast speeds. In addition to faster speeds, electromagnetic trains are significantly less noisy and vibrating. The investment magnetic train has gradually been introduced into the 2002 timeline to carry passengers at a speed of about 267mph.

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