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China "warns": There will be serious consequences if obeying the US ban

Microsoft and Dell were warned "to receive catastrophic consequences" if they followed China's ban on the sale of key technologies from the US government.

According to a report in the New York Times, Chinese government officials have warned many technology companies about the catastrophic consequences of following a US ban. The move comes after China threatened to create a "blacklist" of unreliable companies and individuals on social networks to respond to the US.

According to TheVerge, the meeting was held on June 4 and 5, with the participation of the Central Economic Planning Agency, the National Committee for Development and Reform, representatives from the Ministry. Trade, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. It is unclear which technology companies were present at the meeting, but some sources said that including Microsoft and Dell of the US, Samsung and two semiconductor manufacturers Arm of Britain and SK Hynix of Korea

China warns US companies that they will shift their production lines to other countries, if they continue to do business with Chinese companies. Besides, some officials also insinuated that American companies should advocate against the Trump administration's ban. Non-US companies are informed that if they continue to provide Chinese companies, they will not face such consequences.

In May, the White House issued a ban on US companies buying equipment from companies that are considered risks to national security. The ban is aimed directly at Huawei, which makes US technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, ARM, … stop cooperating with the Chinese manufacturer.

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Article source: TheVerge


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