China warns Britain of the "consequences" of accepting Hong Kong citizens

China warns Britain of the “consequences” of accepting Hong Kong citizens

On July 2, China warned the UK that it would be able to retaliate with “corresponding measures” over the British decision to allow 3 million Hong Kong people to settle in the country. after China enacted the National Security Law for the special zone.

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The Chinese Embassy in London issued a statement emphasizing that “All Chinese living in Hong Kong are Chinese nationals, regardless of whether they have a British Territorial passport or a British overseas passport.”

Beijing urged London to reconsider the decision and “Stop interfering with Hong Kong’s internal affairs”.

“If the British side makes unilateral changes to the current situation, the UK will violate its own roles and commitments under international law and the basic rules governing international relations,” the statement continues. “We firmly oppose this and reserve the right to take the corresponding countermeasures.”

During a press conference, a Beijing spokesman “condemned” the UK’s decision and said it did not keep its promise to Hong Kong. The spokesman also warned of “consequences”, according to AFP.

Earlier, on July 1, British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said that the UK would announce plans to allow nearly 3 million Hong Kong people to be eligible for British passports. Holders of this passport are allowed to enter the UK for 6 months visa-free and once present in the UK, they can apply for permanent residence.

The British Foreign Office has also summoned a diplomat representing China to express concerns about Hong Kong’s security laws.

In addition, several British lawmakers are reportedly urging Secretary of State Raab to impose sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials accused of affecting human rights on the island.

“We stand with the people of Hong Kong,” State Secretary Simon Clarke told Sky News on July 2. “The fire of freedom is very valuable and we have assured it to the people of Hong Kong when we leave, so we will do whatever is necessary in our power to ensure that this is done. keep doing.”

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Since July 1, after the National Security Law was passed, Hong Kong police have carried out hundreds of arrests for people who allegedly violated the new law. Some people have been arrested for waving flags. The police also used water cannons and fired tear gas at a crowd of pro-democracy protesters.

Nathan Law (Luo Guan Yu), a prominent democracy activist in Hong Kong, yesterday announced on July 2 that he had left the city after Beijing passed the Security Law and the special zone government declared that Popular protest slogan “Liberating Hong Kong, the revolution of our time” is illegal under the new security law.

“I have left Hong Kong and continue my advocacy work on an international level.”, he said on Facebook. “For security reasons, I won’t reveal too much about my new home and my personal situation for the time being.”

As one of the founding members of the Demosisto party, Luo Guan Thong and other founding members Hoang Chi Phong and Chu Dinh announced their resignation on July 1. Demosisto is now disbanded but still calls on members to continue fighting for democracy in their own unique ways.

Both Luo Guan Yu and Huang Chi Feng are on the Beijing government’s blacklist of “plots to sabotage China”. Both activists have previously expressed concern that they will become the target of the new law.

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