China synthesizes a new type of crystal, creating a laser 13 times stronger than the old technology - Photo 1.

China synthesizes a new crystal, producing a laser 13 times stronger than the old technology

Scientists in Southeast China claim to have created a new type of crystal that has the potential to improve the laser performance of both military equipment and laser-powered home appliances. The new crystal is cesium bismuth germanate (CBGO), which converts a weak energy light into a powerful laser, with unprecedented high performance.

Professor Mao Jianggao, working at the Fijian Institute of Material Structures at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and also the research leader, confidently told the press.

In the experiment, the research team analyzed the performance of a range of potential crystals. When compared to potassium dihydrogen phosphate (the crystal widely used in laser technology), CBGO is up to 13 times more efficient at converting infrared to a powerful green laser.

"This is a record high"Mr. Mao said,"This is exactly why we think new crystals have great potential”.

The new research hedgehog's findings were published in the German journal of Applied Chemistry last month. The report suggests that CBGO crystals could be a new breakthrough for the laser industry, where light focused at an essential point in countless sciences will no longer need a huge power source to support them.

The reason we need a large amount of energy to get a strong laser is because there is no technology to turn weak light rays into an energetic laser, and this is also why we do not have … laser weapons. CBGO will solve that problem, research shows that their structure can change the frequency of light rays. The higher the frequency, the stronger a laser will be.

China synthesizes a new type of crystal, creating a laser 13 times stronger than the old technology - Photo 2.

However, researcher Mao added that the new CBGO test at an early stage will take some time for China to possess such powerful laser technology. CBGO crystals were synthesized in a new laboratory about the size of a pinch of sand. To be able to apply CBGO in practice, mass production of CBGO needs to be about the size of a dice.

At present, it is unclear whether the scale of CBGO production can be increased.

It is not uncommon for China to make a breakthrough in laser amplified crystal research: it is the industry leader. Most of the most widely used laser devices in the world are sourced from Chinese researchers.

"A lot of crystals have the potential to appear throughout the decades, but only a few of them really help. We lead the way in crystal research not because of luck, but through constant efforts despite countless failures", Said Li Qiang, director of the Laser Technology Institute at Beijing University of Technology.

Initial reports have yet to convince Mr. Li, because performance is not everything. He wanted to see how CBGO would be effective in experiments.

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