Joshua Wong responded to the media on October 29 in Hong Kong. Photo: Reuters.

China supports Hong Kong, banning Joshua Wong from running

Chinese officials say Joshua Wong needs to be banned from participating in district elections in Hong Kong because of "calling for foreign intervention."

"We express our approval and support of this decision," Duong Quang, a spokesman for China's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, said today on the Office's website, referring to the decision of the Office. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region banned the "umbrella" leader of Joshua Wong from participating in district elections.

Mr. Yang explained that during the recent Hong Kong protests, "Wong repeatedly called on foreign forces to support and look forward to intervention" and the "umbrella" leader was one of the original challengers. China's "one nation, two regime" rule.

Wong for many years "declared his views on Hong Kong's so-called autonomy and independence, publicly denying Hong Kong is part of China," said Yang.

Joshua Wong responded to the media on October 29 in Hong Kong. Image: Reuters.

In a statement yesterday, the Hong Kong government said a candidate in the upcoming district government election was found to be invalid due to a violation of the election law prohibiting "supporting or promoting self-determination". However, the notice did not specify Joshua Wong's name.

More than 1,100 candidates participate in the county government election in Hong Kong, scheduled for November 24. Wong yesterday told the press that the Hong Kong government's decision to ban him from running was "clearly politically motivated".

Wong became the leader of the student-led "umbrella" movement in 2014 to protest Beijing's interference in the Hong Kong Special Zone chief election in 2017. In January 2018, Wong was convicted. sentenced to three months in prison for being on duty, but only served for 6 days and then released on bail to wait for an appeal. In May, the judge asked Wong to return to prison but reduced his sentence to two months. He was released on June 17.

Hong Kong is witnessing protests that erupted in early June to protest against a revised extradition bill that will allow suspects to go to trial in jurisdictions where the district has not had an extradition treaty. that is mainland China. Although the Hong Kong government withdrew the bill, protesters continued to take to the streets to enforce other claims. Wong went to Germany and the US to call for support for these protests.

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