China successfully built a truck powered by water, traveling 500km with only 400 liters of water - Photo 1.

China successfully built a water truck, traveling 500km with only 400 liters of water

Recently, a car company in central China announced that it has created a model that can run 500km with water only. The automaker named Qingian Cars in Nanyang, Henan gave their prototype the first trip last Wednesday.

Although the length of the test was not announced, but according to Pang Qingnian, managing director of Qingian Cars, their water-powered vehicle could go from 300 to 500km with 300 to 400 liters of water. "The cost of the research is a trade secret that we cannot reveal at this time.", Pang said. "We have achieved this achievement at a low cost and it is our company's technology".

The prototype runs on Qingian Cars' water

In fact, this model does not use water directly. According to Pang's explanation, the engine of the hydrogen-powered vehicle is produced by a chemical reaction between the mixture of aluminum and water, plus a catalyst.

"The water we use is available in our country, we don't need to go to the Middle East to buy gasoline. Water doesn't pollute the environment either.", Pang said.

Pang dismissed the opinion of many experts that the cost of producing hydrogen engines was too high. He said that the technology he created could recycle the reactants used in the process.

China successfully built a truck powered by water, traveling 500km with only 400 liters of water - Photo 2.

Pang Qingian, director of Qingnian Cars

Silent hydrogen vehicles are gaining popularity in the new energy vehicle market, although there is not much media coverage like electric cars. These vehicles utilize the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to provide power for the electric motor.

If only water, vehicles from Qingian Cars could apply electrolysis to produce hydrogen to power the engine.

Many companies and individuals around the world have stated that they invented water-driven vehicles but most of them were found to be misleading. Local authorities have not commented on Qingian Cars' statement yet.

According to the Nanyang High-Tech Park Management Committee, Qingian Cars has cooperated to develop Hydro technology with Hubei University of Technology since 2006. The prototype of Qingian Cars' water truck has been successfully tested but now It has not yet been put into mass production.

On the Chinese social network, many users expressed skepticism about Qingian Cars' achievements. Some people said that Qingian Cars had to perform a public car before they believed it.

Jiang Feng, professor of materials science at Xian Jiaotong University, thinks that everyone should have an open view to Qingian Cars' statement. He said that at least theoretically it is possible to use water to power a car. Furthermore, experiments conducted by Feng himself showed that hydrogen can be produced from water and aluminum.

"If you don't understand, at least should be tolerant of it.", Feng said. "I think you should not make emotional comments."

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