China sentenced former president Interpol over ten years in prison

China sentenced former president Interpol over ten years in prison

Former Interpol President Meng Heng Wei was recently sentenced to a prison sentence of nearly 2 million yuan by a local court in Tianjin, China.

China Central Television reported the case and said Meng had no intention of appealing.

In October 2018, international media reported that Mr. Manh Hoanh Vy – President of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) – disappeared after returning to China. French authorities, where Interpol’s headquarters are located, have launched an investigation into Mr Manh after his wife said she had been unable to contact her husband since Sept. 29 of the same year.

Chinese officials later reported that Meng was charged with violating the law and is being investigated for alleged corruption and abuse of power for self-interest during his time as China’s Deputy Minister of Public Security.

Later, Mr. Manh Hoanh Vy resigned as President of Interpol. In June 2019, Meng pleaded guilty to bribery with an estimated value of nearly $ 2 million, about $ 49 billion.

Meng Hengwei became Interpol leader in late 2016 as China stepped up its lobbying efforts to bring people into leadership positions in international organizations. He was the first Chinese to lead Interpol in the organization’s 95-year history.

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