China scrutinized the US administration's response

China scrutinized the US administration’s response

The Wall Street Journal on 22/1 quoted senior sources in China as saying that Beijing is actively trying to heal relations with the new administration in the US.

China due to the determination of the American government
Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden.

In December, shortly after Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Mr. Biden on his election victory, Beijing raised the idea of ​​sending Politburo member Duong Khiet Tri to Washington. This proposal was mentioned by the Chinese Ambassador to the US and other intermediaries through many exchange letters.

According to the source, Beijing has planned to send a message to the new President Joe Biden regarding other issues of concern to the two countries, apart from the trade confrontation, such as climate change and pandemic. COVID-19.

Yang plans to discuss the matter with the new administration in Washington and also looks forward to arranging a summit between President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

This could be a probe Beijing is trying to push for in an effort to provide better relations with the new administration in Washington amid deteriorating relations under the consulate. direction of former President Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, the new administration in the US does not send cooling signals to China. After receiving a “gift” to celebrate the US presidency, which is a punishment of nearly 30 former administration officials from Beijing, Mr. Joe Biden has responded with a tough response to the move to divide the United States. Mr. Biden also has a “bureaucracy” that is a hawk-minded diplomat with China.

With the sanctions, Beijing is testing the Biden administration’s determination to maintain a tough, edge-to-edge approach, said Jim Risch, senior Republican member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. more aggressively targeting China.

According to Lanhee Chen, director of US policy research and a lecturer at Stanford University (USA), the administration of the new President Joe Biden has had initial signs of agreement with his predecessor on some “extremely sensitive” issue related to China. Mr. Chen said on January 21 that the Biden administration could change its tone, but it would not really change policy towards Beijing.

The Bloomberg news agency forecasts that the Biden administration may take several months to announce its plans for China but is now moving closer with its allies to deal with Beijing, as opposed to the “America above all, “by Mr. Trump.

Mr. Chen pointed out that at a Senate hearing on Jan. 19, Antony Blinken, who was nominated for US Secretary of State, said he agreed with his predecessor’s assessment of China on many issues. According to CNBC, Mr. Blinken affirmed that China poses a greater challenge to the US than any other country.

Similarly, Avril Haines, who has just been appointed Director of US National Intelligence, also said during the hearing that the United States needed to fight China’s growing aggression and that the intelligence community would contribute to strength in this competition.

Despite reaching a trade agreement with the Trump administration, so far, China has not yet met its commitments to buy American goods under the Phase 1 trade agreement signed with the former Trump administration. . According to the pledge, China will buy an additional $ 200 billion of US goods and services in 2020 and 2021. However, China’s import data analyzed by the Peterson Institute for International Economics (USA) shows that More than a year after the agreement took effect, China bought 58% of the total committed goods.

President Biden has yet to make any announcement about the fate of the phase 1 trade agreement mentioned above. Last month, he announced that he would not immediately lift tariffs on China and would review the entire deal.

Some experts say that Donald Trump’s China pressure policy has failed and that Biden may change with the deal’s approach.



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