Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Truong Quan in Beijing on January 30. Photo: Reuters.

China reacted when the US condemned it to Xinjiang

Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations, Zhangjun, argued that the US condemning Beijing for Xinjiang was not conducive to trade negotiations.

"It's hard to imagine that on the one hand, you're trying to reach a trade agreement, and on the other, you're taking advantage of all the issues, especially human rights issues to blame others," Zhang told the correspondent on October 29, referring to the United States-led UN group condemning Beijing for "suppressing" Uighurs and other Muslim peoples in Xinjiang.

The statement was made by Truong after countries including the United States, Britain, Germany and more than 10 other nations at the UN on October 29 called on the Chinese government "to uphold national laws and national obligations and commitments." in respect of human rights, including freedom of religion or belief in Xinjiang and across China. "

Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Truong Quan in Beijing on January 30. Image: Reuters.

The group of countries also urged Beijing to urgently implement the recommendations of UN experts on the Xinjiang situation, "including arbitrary restraint of Uyghur detention and other Muslim communities". .

"The trade negotiations are ongoing and we are seeing some progress. I don't think this approach is conducive to the process of finding a good solution in trade negotiations," Ambassador Zhang said. US move in the United Nations.

U.S. and Chinese negotiators are working hard to finalize the temporary trade agreement document for US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping to sign at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum. Ocean (APEC) will be held in Chile on 16 and 17/11.

The previous US president announced that he was unlikely to sign any trade deals with China until he met him for training at APEC.

Mai Lam (Follow Reuters / National Post)

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