China: Murder shake, haunted wedding body sale |  World

China: Murder shake, haunted wedding body sale | World

According to the Global TimesOn April 2, 2016, suspect Chonghua kidnapped 45-year-old Liu Caixia by pretending to be a matchmaker.

Ma then gave Liu several injections of promethazine hydrochloride, a sedative, which killed Liu.

Ma hired a driver to transport Liu’s body to Shaanxi Province, where he sold Liu’s body to a local resident for a ghost wedding and was paid 35,000 yuan (equivalent to 124 million dong).

Ma then went to another village in Gansu and kidnapped An Furong, 51 years old with the help of two local people.

Ma killed An Furong by injecting chlorpromazine hydrochloride, and intended to sell the victim’s body to a person in Shaanxi for 42,000 yuan (approximately 150 million dong).

According to the court, both victims Liu and An have mental illness.

Ma was arrested by police on April 13, 2016 while taking An Furong’s body to Shaanxi.

In August 2016, police in Shaanxi announced that Ma and two other suspects in the case, Yang Peisen and An Wentai, would be prosecuted for kidnapping and trafficking in women, intentional murder and hiding. murder.

On July 1, 2019, Ma was sentenced to death, and was officially executed on Monday, February 8.

A ghost wedding is a marriage ceremony in which at least 1 in 2 people have died. Traditionally, this is considered a way for the deceased to be cared for in the afterlife.

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According to Global Times


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