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China Mobile Games re-invests in the gold medal producer layout vertical version 3D MMO “Swire Seal of Demons” producer Li Wendong joins


Yesterday, China Mobile Games (00302.HK), a global IP game ecosystem company, announced that it has completed its investment in Shenzhen Heyao Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Heyao Network”). An important developer of the mobile game IP game ecosystem, Heyao Network CEO Li Wendong also joined the lineup of gold medal producers of China Mobile Games. At present, the two parties are jointly creating an oriental fantasy different world mobile game “Shan Hai Zhi Yi” (tentative name). With the gradual deepening of cooperation between the two parties, the Chinese mobile game may further increase its holdings of Heyao in the future.

This investment in Heyao Networks is another important measure for China Mobile Games to actively deploy its IP and game R&D system. It is intended to cooperate with the Heyao Networks team to explore the vertical 3D MMORPG category market and give full play to the IP games of the mobile games. Ecological advantages will further maintain the good momentum of steady development in the fierce market competition.

Li Wendong, CEO of Heyao Networks

Heyao Networks was born out of Hemera Games and is a developer focusing on creating high-quality mobile games. Its CEO Li Wendong is the producer of the mobile games “Prime Sealing the Devil”, the page game “One Step World” and “The Legend of the Immortals” , The core team members have more than 10 years of experience in the game industry. Through multiple successful projects, the team has accumulated a wealth of development experience in the field of MMORPG. In 2018, the team launched the 3D MMORPG game “Swire Sealed Demons”, with a peak monthly turnover of 200 million and a total turnover of over 2.6 billion.

Traditional horizontal version of MMORPG mobile games, due to complex monster fighting, tricky positioning requirements, and repeated click operations, not only takes a lot of time, but also makes players feel tired. The advantage of the vertical version of 3D MMORPG mobile games is that it can automatically hang up, and it is easy to upgrade offline monsters; the vertical version interface, easy to operate with one hand, and the fragmented time is free to play, so it is more and more popular with players. At present, in the vertical 3D MMORPG field, there are already successful products such as “Miracle Sword” and “Blood Excalibur”. According to Sensor Tower store intelligence data, “Miracle Sword” is only available in Korea and Japan. Revenue has reached about 19 million U.S. dollars (about 130 million yuan), and ranks in the forefront of China’s application overseas revenue list.

At present, China Mobile Games and Heyao Networks jointly create an oriental fantasy different world mobile game “Shan Hai Zhi Yi” (tentative name) is a game with very stylized art. The game is cut in with a vertical version of 3D MMORPG. The game includes multi-threaded operations, multiple placement and gameplay combinations and other mechanisms that are more in line with the current users’ demands for lightweight. In terms of product content polishing, the art experience of iterative operation experience, QTE’s fighting mechanism combination and brilliant performance make the battle more fun, and the large number of CG and plot animations throughout the game make the whole product build a very substituting oriental Fantasy another world. The game is under intense development and is expected to be launched in 2021.

Regarding China Mobile Games’ investment in Heyao Networks, Xiao Jian, Chairman and CEO of China Mobile Games, said, “By investing in Heyao Networks, the IP game ecosystem of China Mobile Games will be further consolidated and the content supply capacity of the global distribution business of China Mobile Games will be enhanced. , Expanded the layout of the Chinese mobile game in the vertical 3D MMORPG field, and expanded the lineup of gold medal producers of the Chinese mobile game. The two parties will work together to continue to create high-quality game products on the vertical 3D MMORPG category track.”

In 2020, China Mobile Games has successively invested heavily in Yuefu Entertainment, led by the chief producer of the juvenile series, Cheng Liangqi, the developer of “Dynasty Warriors”, Yifan Interactive, and “Seven Heroes”/”All Democracy” producer Zhang Many high-quality developers such as Huanyu Kyushu led by Fumao have invested more than 20 game developers in China Mobile Games. Through self-research + mergers and acquisitions + investment methods, China Mobile Games has established strong market competition in such categories as Legends, Cards, Wushuang ARPG, Three Kingdoms War Chess, PC stand-alone, vertical 3D MMORPG, 3D gun battle games, and Mahjong. And become the industry leader in some vertical categories. In the future, China Mobile Games will continue to dig deeper in the vertical categories that have been laid out, and in addition to becoming a top player, it will further explore and build more sub-categories and themes with differentiated competitiveness.

About Chinese Mobile Games

China Mobile Games is a leading global IP game ecosystem company. The company takes IP as the core and games as the foundation to create a highly competitive IP game ecosystem. Through independent research and development and customized development, we provide premium IP games for global players. At the same time, we will deepen our own IP operations, continue to create premium content and interactive experiences for fans, and create world-class IP. Actively strategically lay out the IP and game R&D system, and continuously explore the commercial value of IP authorization and IP derivatives business, and lay out a new offline entertainment consumption format with innovative modes that is deeply integrated with IP, forming a closed loop of user traffic and commercialization, leading IP cultural consumption, and then build the mobile game into a cultural brand with global influence!

China Mobile Games landed on Nasdaq on September 25, 2012. It was China’s first mobile game company to land on the US stock market; it was privatized in August 2015; the company acquired 51% of Beijing Softstar in May 2018 Equity, to carry out independent research and development and development and cooperation of the entire IP industry chain around well-known IP such as “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”, “Xuanyuan Sword”, “Monopoly”, “Star Volunteer” and “Angel Empire”; October 31, 2019 It was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 0302.HK).



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