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China may not need Google, but Huawei has – VnReview

Android and IOS operating systems dominate the market, which is not to be debated. Google's announcement of a "holiday" with Huawei will make China 's largest phone maker forced to find another operating system that not only "works", but "good enough" to compete, which is much The other big tech guy once had ambitions and failed.

Android and IOS dominate the market

The US government has banned Huawei from using any software or hardware made by its companies. But China's biggest phone maker has challenged that the lack of support from partners from the US will not affect the brand. Even if Google cuts off its business relationship with Huawei, the business is still very tough.

We are no stranger to the tensions that the US government has for Huawei all the time. It seems that China's largest mobile phone manufacturer has become accustomed to this when it is still the world's largest provider of network equipment and the second largest phone brand in the world. The technology giant is working aggressively to create its own operating system to replace Android in the case of deteriorating relations with US companies.

Huawei's toughness is understandable when the fact that these brand bans in the United States began in 2012. But if you look at the current smart phone market, see the big problem with the company. China's largest mobile phone manufacturer. Android and IOS operating systems are almost exclusively on the market. According to statistics, 86% of phones in the world run on Google's Android platform, the rest is Apple's iOS. Other platforms account for a really small percentage.

Previously, there were many brands trying to make mobile operating systems to fight against Android and iOS. From Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS or webOS have all failed and the manufacturers turn to Android in turn. Even Samsung has poured money into making its own Tizen open-source operating system (the operating system still appears on Samsung smart watches) and failed and did not create any overthrow.

The opportunity to create a new Huawei operating system to succeed will be in the Chinese market. However, in other markets such as Europe, Australia, the Middle East and even Latin America, an operating system without Android means that customers will have to say goodbye to Gmail, Google Maps … This is too difficult to accept. Get to the user.

Huawei may not need Android but other options are easy?

Huawei phones in China have long been active without Google services, though still put the Android operating system as a platform. Google search engine is blocked in China. Even if the phone is based on the Android platform, Google Play services do not work in this country either.

This means that Huawei phones in the home market have been using domestic applications to replace Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Search … Including contacts or services synchronization Offline is also changed to suit China.

Huawei now has about 80,000-90,000 R&D engineers and they seem to be preparing for the absence of Android by making a new operating system. But the problem is, how does this new operating system get access to Google's services, but Huawei doesn't have an answer yet. Because, in the market outside China (especially Europe) Google services have become too familiar to users and almost irreplaceable. Being "out of play" by Google and creating a new operating system means that Huawei will have to find ways to change users' habits. This is extremely difficult to implement. As mentioned, many firms have tried to do this and nowadays fail.

But even creating new operating systems, according to recent sources, Huawei is not ready to launch in the near future. It means that China's largest mobile phone manufacturer has yet to get a replacement for Android.

Huawei can still continue to use the phone based on Android platform even without the cooperation of Google. This is a free, open source operating system for all users. But following this path means that Huawei will always be slower than its rivals because they do not have early access to new operating system builds, regular security patches and technical support.

At the same time, this free Android version is a platform that helps programmers show their ability to customize their liking. But it is not integrated with Play Store, nor does it have other Google services. This will cause great inconvenience to users. After all, customers 'throw away' Windows Phone or BlackBerry OS because they cannot provide the applications and services that Android and iOS can.

It seems that there are no application services or shops that Google provides, Huawei customers outside of China will leave. That's why China may not need Google, but Huawei does.


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