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China makes its own semiconductor supply chain without Biden


(News 24h) – When the Biden administration is considering extending a ban for Huawei, China has actively set up a supply chain of semiconductors that does not depend on the US.

SCMP reported that experts from the public and private sectors of China are joining forces to standardize the country’s semiconductor market to protect national semiconductor supply chains in the technology war. with America.

China is a full-fledged Chinese woman who does not need Biden
China has its own technical and technological standards that do not rely on American ones.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China said, China Institute for Electronic Standardization (CESI) has proposed plans to “support and ensure the healthy development of the micro industry. integrated circuit (IC) “.

China’s rapid progress in microchip technology has surpassed standardized frameworks in chip design, packaging, testing and other standards set by the International Electrical Engineering Commission, this institute said. (ICE) set out in recent years.

Many companies in the country have launched their own artificial intelligence chips, but there are no unified standards for performance evaluation. Most of them depend on American standards rating.

The CESI Institute said that the lack of China’s own technical standards will make it difficult to maintain an “orderly industrial environment” due to the rising costs of communication between semiconductor companies and customers.

With the construction of its own set of technical standards, China is controlling all the huge resources in a billion-population country to secure its supply chain against shocks from foreign component suppliers.

The 90 members including the biggest telecoms giants like Huawei, chipmaker SMIC, Huawei’s semiconductor division – HiSilicon, tech giants Tencent Holding, Xiaomi Corp and Alibaba Group Holdings all has joined a unified committee on technical standards for this technology.

The announcement comes months after China pledged to build its own technology standards, including infrastructure, artificial intelligence, 5G, green energy and more, to reduce dependency. depends on major foreign imports. The plan is said to cost the country 1.4 billion USD.

Under former President Donald Trump, Huawei and a series of Chinese technology companies have been blacklisted since May 2019. That makes the Chinese telecom group unable to cooperate normally with US companies, affecting production lines and plans to expand operations globally.

When Joe Biden was elected president, much of the discussion revolved around whether the new administration would continue to ban Huawei or take easing moves.

Gina Raimondo, a candidate for US Commerce Secretary, told Reuters that she would “review policy, consult with the press, industry and allies to take the best action for national security. and American economy ”.

This led many to believe that the Biden administration could loosen the ban, even remove Huawei from the blacklist. Even so, Raimondo has not been officially appointed, and the possibility of a Huawei ban being maintained remains probable after review.




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