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China issues bonds in euros. Artwork: AFP / TTXVN

The bond issuance will set a standard for Chinese issuers in the European market. The issuance of euro bonds will help Chinese companies to avoid USD debts, in the context of US-China trade tensions are showing signs of easing.

According to Sam Fisher, head of Deutsche Bank's debt market division in Beijing, the Chinese Ministry of Finance's bond sale is not only attracting emerging market investors, but also security organizations. insurance and pension.

The bond issue was divided into 3 types of terms, including 2 billion euros of 7-year bonds, yield of 0.197%; 1 billion euros of 12-year notes yield 0.618% and 1 billion euros of 20-year notes with yields of 1,078%.

For the first time, the Ministry of Finance of China issued euros bonds with a total value of 1 billion euros in 2004.

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