China denounced the US as "the greatest driving force" to push the militarization of the South China Sea
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China denounced the US as “the greatest driving force” to push the militarization of the South China Sea

Speaking at the ASEAN Online Summit on 9/9, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi accused the US of being the “biggest driving force” to increase militarization in the South China Sea. The statement is believed to be in response to recent Washington sanctions against Beijing’s role in disputed waters.

Foreign Minister Vuong Nghi at the Online Summit (Image: Global Times)

Mr. Vuong Nghi made these statements on the first day of the East Asia Summit, where US counterpart Mike Pompeo was also present. In the face of the US Secretary of State, the Chinese foreign minister has criticized the US for flaunting its forces in the South China Sea and escalating the risk of regional conflict for political interests, according to a record issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. announced.

“Peace and stability are China’s greatest strategic interest in the South China Sea,” Mr. Vuong said.

This summit marks the first public meeting between the two diplomats since Washington in late August blacklisted the China Media Construction Company (CCCC) subsidiaries with reasons related to building islands in the South China Sea. The CCCC is also heavily involved in China’s Belt and Road Initiative projects.

Speaking to the foreign ministers of the region, Wang affirmed that China’s island-building activities over the years are aimed at improving living conditions and providing public goods to the South China Sea, as well as for Self defence.

Pompeo has repeatedly criticized Beijing for “Destabilizing the region” and “Trample on the sovereignty of neighboring countries”. The US administration also accuses China’s opportunism of holding military exercises, testing new defense weapons at disputed sites while other countries are struggling against the COVID pandemic. -19.

The US State Department said it intends to share details on US efforts to support free and open regions at the summit and launch partnerships with countries in the region. Mekong River.

One day earlier, Mr. Wang announced the launch of China’s “Global Data Security Initiative” to set international standards for data security. “Comprehensive, objective and evidence-based”.

Through this Initiative, China wants to call on countries to respond to these activities “Mass surveillance against other nations,” at the same time urging technology companies not to install “backdoors” in products and services “To illegally collect data, control or manipulate users’ systems and devices”.

According to observers, this is a move aimed at Washington when it comes time that the US starts implementing the “Clean Network” program to remove applications that are considered “untrustworthy” originating from China.

Mr. Wang accused the US “Conduct global chases of another country’s top companies under the pretext of security. This is a blatant bullying behavior that needs to be opposed and rejected ”.

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