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China continues to successfully perform the surgery through 5G network

This successful surgery continues to mark a new development step in the field of combined medicine.

A 72-year-old woman in Nanning Province, China has recently been able to safely leave the hospital after successfully performing breast cancer surgery controlled through a high-speed 5G mobile network.

This woman, whose last name was Mao, had breast cancer and received medical treatment at the Pukou Branch of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital.

At 9 am on July 3, the team of surgeons directed by Jiang Ping prepared for the surgery performed by Tang Jinhai, breast cancer surgeon, who is 20 km away. .

With the support of 5G mobile network and combined practical technologies, signal transmission is extremely stable and does not encounter any delay during the surgery. Tang designed a surgical incision on a slide and detailed instructions for the local surgeon to operate.

During the procedure, the doctors asked and Tang would respond in real time. And only 2 hours later, the tumor was completely removed as well as leaving no sequelae.

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Tang also said that 5G network technology and reality combined will make large hospitals and local branches more closely coordinated, more online group consultations, as well as sharing many quality resources. Higher, can be widely used in the diagnosis of treatment of many complex cases.

This is the second successful surgery using 5G technology and the combined reality. Previously, the hospital also successfully performed remote lung surgery on May 13.

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