China charges a 14-day quarantine fee for international visitors to Beijing

China charges a 14-day quarantine fee for international visitors to Beijing

China charges a 14-day isolation fee for international visitors to Beijing - 1

All passengers from abroad to Beijing, China will be subject to mandatory isolation 14 days from today and 16/3 must bear all isolation costs. (Artwork: Reuters)

Newspaper Hoa Nam Post Office in the morning (SCMP) quoted by Beijing Municipal Deputy Secretary Chen Bei, starting today March 16, all international visitors from abroad to Beijing will be transferred to a centralized isolation facility for medical monitoring. 14 days.

National broadcaster CCTV “From now on, all international flights to Beijing International Airport will stop at the T3-D processing area for inspection.” Local health staff will monitor the health of all travelers on a 14-day period and pay the costs incurred for this isolation. In addition, visitors will be penalized for hiding or providing false information.

The above regulation replaces the previous regulation, which requires only international visitors to isolate 14 days. Under the new rules, the self-isolation mechanism only applies to special cases.

The move by Beijing is supposed to cope with an increasing number of cases of Covid-19 from outside China.

According to data from the National Health Commission of China, on 15/3, the country recorded 16 more cases of Covid-19, bringing the total number of infected people here to 80,860. Among the new cases, there were 12 cases of “imported” from outside including 4 cases in Beijing, 4 cases of Guangdong, 2 cases of Shanghai, 1 case of Yunnan and 1 case of Gansu. The remaining four cases were at the Wuhan Translation Center, marking the 11th consecutive day that Hubei recorded no cases outside of Wuhan.

Yesterday, China also recorded 14 deaths, bringing the number of Covid-19 deaths in mainland China to 3,213.

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