China calls for a resumption of Sino-US relations

China calls for a resumption of Sino-US relations

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday that the US and China could work together on issues such as climate change and the corona virus pandemic if the two sides correct the relationship. Bilateral has been harmed.

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Follow ReutersSecretary of State Wang at a forum sponsored by China’s Foreign Ministry said Beijing was ready to reopen constructive dialogue with Washington after bilateral relations under former President Donald Trump dropped to the lowest level in decades.

Wang urged Washington to remove tariffs on Chinese goods and give up what he calls unreasonable repression of the Chinese technology industry. These steps will create “necessary conditions“For the improvement of the Sino-US bilateral cooperation relationship.

Before Mr. Vuong made his speech, the forum organizers released a documentary about “Table tennis diplomacy“China – America in 1972, the exchange between the two countries table tennis players paved the way for US President Richard Nixon official visit to China.”

Wang urged Washington to respect China’s core interests, ending “smear“The Chinese Communist Party is in power, stops interfering in Beijing’s internal affairs, and stops”conspiracy” together with the separatist forces to make Taiwan officially independent.

Over the past few years, the United States has essentially cut off bilateral dialogue [với Trung Quốc] at every level“, Mr. Vuong spoke in Chinese at the forum and was translated in parallel into English.

We are willing to speak frankly with the US side, and engage in dialogues to resolve many issuesề ”, Reuters quoted Mr. Vuong.

The statement of the Chinese Foreign Minister was in tune with the statement at the same forum of the Chinese Ambassador to the United States Thoi Thien Khai.

Cui says China and the US must clearly define their own policy boundaries and have an accurate understanding of each other’s strategic goals. He pointed to topics like Taiwan, Xinjiang and Tibet as “red line problems” for Beijing.

The US-China relationship in the past month since Joe Biden took over the White House has not been clear. The tensions between the two sides continue to range from trade, human rights, Taiwan and the South China Sea.

In public statements, Biden administration officials indicated they would continue to put pressure on Beijing. They acknowledge the commercial practice “forced and unfair“Of Beijing and agreed with the previous administration’s identification of China committing the Uighur Muslim genocide in Xinjiang.

However, Mr. Biden has also repeatedly pledged to take a multilateral approach and is keen to cooperate with Beijing on issues such as responding to climate change, dealing with pandemic corona virus and theory. North Korea to give up nuclear weapons.

Mr. Biden and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping also had a phone call lasting about 2 hours last week.

Mr. Vuong Nghi, in a statement on February 22, pointed out that the phone call between Mr. Xi and Mr. Biden last week was a positive step.

During that call, Mr. Biden appeared to want to rationalize Xi’s actions by arguing that China has a history of being “the victim“Of outside forces when they are not”unified“Is domestic.

If you understand China’s history, the country has always been the victim of the outside world at a time when they were not united at home.”Mr. Biden said. “Xi Jinping’s central principle is to have a unified, tightly controlled China. And he uses reason for everything he does based on that principle“.

Mr. Biden said he made it clear to Xi that he had to speak up about human rights and that Xi had said he “understand that“. Mr. Biden then said: “Culturally, there are different standards that each country and they – their leaders – are required to adhere to.“.

Mr Biden’s remarks were “ignored” by the left-wing US media, but met with strong criticism from rightists, including former US Department of Defense Chief of Staff Kash Patel.

Mr Kash Patel, in a Feb. 21 interview on Fox News, said that President Joe Biden’s calling the Uighur genocide in China a problem “different cultural standards“Allowing”unscrupulous behavior“Goes on and sets out”a serious threat to the world ”.

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