Children do not refrain from tooth extraction, dentists use bullying violence

Children do not refrain from tooth extraction, dentists use bullying violence

A dentist is being investigated after streaming a video of him using violence to intimidate a child afraid of tooth extraction.

The shocking incident occurred at Aktau Medical Center, Kazakhstan. Surveillance cameras have recorded all that happens.

In a video shared dizzily on social networks, 26-year-old dentist Tolegen Mukhambetov lifted the 7-year-old boy lying on the treatment chair high, shaking violently before sending him back to the chair. Let the nurses hold on tight.

Mukhambetov then threatened to beat the child if he still refused to have his teeth extracted. Two nurses were present in the room but they did not take any deterrent action. After a few moments, the dentist again grabbed the little boy and pulled him out of the room, shaking and shaking the baby vigorously.

Aktau Medical Center where the incident involved dentist Mukhambetov. Photo:

The TengriNews page quoted Kyzgaldak Saparova, the patient's mother in the video, said she warned dentist Mukhambetov about his son being afraid of pulling his teeth. The mother herself tried to persuade her son to open his mouth for 2 hours before but failed.

"Three times we went to the dental clinic, the boy was very scared and insisted on not opening his mouth. The last time the dentist told me to take him in and leave immediately. I followed the instructions because I believe the dentist will help me. I waited in the corridor and heard my son screaming for me, "said Saparova.

According to the mother, shortly after leaving the clinic, her son told her about being beaten by a dentist.

"My son is still in shock. His teeth have not been treated and he is even more afraid than before. I do not know when he will trust the dentist again," she said. She reported to the police that the dentist treated her son violently.

The local police confirmed that they were investigating the incident and conducted an injury check for the boy. The dentist, Mukhambetov, later published a message of acknowledgment that he took strong action against the patient but denied beating him.

Children do not refrain from tooth extraction, dentists use bullying violence
Mukhambetov, a dentist, publicly apologized and said his actions were aimed at helping the boy remove his teeth. Photo: The Mirror

The family said the boy's sister had been previously extracted by dentist Mukhambetov without any problems.

If the police investigation concludes that Mukhambetov is guilty, he will be prosecuted and may have to pay a fine in cash or receive a 10-day sentence. The Aktau Health Department also opened a separate investigation of the dentist. If found to violate the rules of practice, Mukhambetov is at risk of being fired.

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