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Children can talk to strangers even without permission

Facebook Messenger Kids is a messaging application designed specifically for children. However, it has recently discovered a flaw in the design of this application, which allows your child to talk to unlicensed users in group chat mode – one thing left contrary to the goal that this application set.

Messenger Kids works as follows: once a parent has confirmed a contact, children 6 years of age or older can chat with them freely via video, text, animations … Everything It won't be a problem if the conversation takes place only between two people, but Messenger Kids has a group chat mode, and that's when confusing issues around licensing begin to happen.

Thanks to an error in the application, a child may be invited to a chat group by a parent who has been allowed by the parent to do so – however, the users already in the group do not need permission. both. Messenger Kids did not check whether everyone in the chat group had been allowed to talk to others before, resulting in thousands of children using Messenger Kids accidentally being allowed to chat with strangers on the Internet. via an application designed to prevent that from happening!

A Facebook representative confirmed the company had warned users and silently closed this group chat mode from last week. "We recently had a number of parents manage the Messenger Kids accounts for technical errors we discovered that affected a small group of chat groups "- this person said. "We have turned off the affected chat groups and provided parents with additional information about Messenger Kids and online safety. "

No one knows how long that silly but serious hole existed on Messenger Kids. Only know that since this application launched, countless controversies have erupted.

When Facebook launched Messenger Kids service in 2017, many child health professionals voiced their objections. Nearly 100 people signed a letter asking Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to delete the application because of concerns that it will increase the time spent using electronic devices for children, thereby causing stress and adverse effects. extreme to the body image and causing sleep deprivation. Facebook later solved some of those concerns by adding "Sleep" mode so parents can control how their children use the app, but there are still many other issues that have not been addressed. come.

Current outstanding issues for Messenger Kids are the process of censorship, privacy enforcement, and whether Facebook can guarantee its implementation. In the past few years, the company has failed to detect and erase the "hostile speech" on its platform, "accidentally" exposing the identities of the censors for suspects. terrorism, and was discovered to have caused a massive data security attack. And it seems that this incident will make the trust of the users of the social networking platform even worse.

Reference: Gizmodo

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