[Chia sẻ] Why can't coffee shops completely remove plastic?

Delicate is one of the technology forums actively propagating the harmful effects of plastic as well as sharing articles restricting plastic utensils. But read some of your comments like "Exquisite Coffee still uses plastic, still using plastic straws". So what is the reason why Tinh coffee, like most coffee shops, still does not remove 100% of plastic? This article will share the reason for that and "repeat" how to limit plastic utensils.

Business purpose must first be profit

"The market is a battlefield" – The purpose of business is how to maximize profits as possible, so plastic goods to the throne because of its low cost. There are coffee shops, even though they drink at the restaurant, they still provide plastic cups and plastic caps, not porcelain cups. Because when you use a cup of tea to prepare a cup, you have to arrange or even rebuild it to expand it to have a place to set up a porcelain, then even a sanitation issue, if you use a porcelain cup, you have to wash it carefully, thus leading to cost. more money for washing workers, washing dishes, and other things to worry about. In general, it is still only profit in business. But delicate coffee is not like that! You are sure to serve the porcelain when you use it at the bar if required, mix the water into your thermos if you bring it, do not use the plastic straw immediately.


Drinks are always brewed in exquisite coffee cups if you require

Bring personal bottles

No 100% replacement material


A shop in Chiangmai used banana leaves instead of plastic packaging but still had to use food wrap to wrap some vegetables and to attach the sticker to the top. Catastrophic article here.

In fact, there is no substitute for plastic utensils, there is a time when people call to use paper bags instead of nylon bags, but this option ultimately fails because of economic damage and destruction. environmental damage. Because simply want to replace nylon bags completely with paper bags, the amount of wood needed is a lot, resulting in a huge amount of trees being cut down. Similarly, many materials are called to replace plastic like straws made from rice, used as bananas instead of plastic packaging, this can temporarily limit plastic products, but in the long run will be very influential on Economic because the cost is much higher than plastic, as well as affecting health and hygiene.

Not Plastic! People are the most dangerous agents to the environment


Ways to reduce plastic in life

Plastics is a great invention in the material industry and all inventions are made to help people have a better life. But it is because of low consciousness, not caring about the environment that many of us use plastic bluffly even though plastic is a material that takes hundreds of years to decompose. Not plastic guys! We are the most "fearful" environment. Therefore, improving awareness, forming good habits is the best way to protect the environment.

Purpose of sharing articles

I wrote this article after reading the news that there are several groups on facebook calling for boycott some coffee shops because they use plastic cups instead of porcelain cups, letting people understand there is no way to replace plastic. 100% can only be replaced, limiting its use to the maximum. Don't be too extreme with plastic, don't let plastic become an "enemy" but make it "you".


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