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[Chia sẻ] When should students buy a MacBook?

I have a lot of questions from students: "When should I buy a MacBook?" "Study abcdxy industry … use MacBook okay?". I myself am a student, currently going through 4 years of college and I have been using MacBook since the first year and I think I have a bit of "experience" to share. Here are tips for choosing MacBook for students who are wondering.

Note: I do not compare Mac and Windows computers in this article

Which industry is suitable for MacBooks? Which industry?

Interior design, architecture, construction, … (Related to houses)

I go straight to the industry that I am studying as well as this is the industry FIGHTING DIFFICULTIES when using that MacBook is: Interior design, architecture – Why? This industry requires you to interact with Autodesk software such as 3Ds Max, Autocad, … or Sketchup to draw the design of the project.

Autocad is still good for Mac, the command remains the same, but the difference from the interface compared to Windows … Okay, then Autocad see it as a browser for Mac. But the most difficult thing is probably 3Ds Max, Sketchup. Students studying in furniture and architecture are required to use 1 of 2 software to draw designs and both are not supported on macOS, OS X. And during the past time, I have to install Win on MacBook to learn 2 software.

So if you are currently studying your previous major, I would recommend buying a Windows laptop better, if you still insist on MacBook, you have to take the extra Windows to learn and troublesome when switching Mac and Win continuously.
Graphic design, styling, fashion design

These highly creative industries use the MacBook very well. Why do I dare to assert? I am studying at the "Industrial Fine Arts" department and sharing a tray with a lot of friends who are studying fashion, graphics, and shaping, and they share with me that MacBook is very happy to study.

You will encounter software such as Adobe: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesgin or Autodesk Maya …. And are good for Mac, the shortcut is also simple.

The main reason comes from the MacBook screen that gives colors very well, but those who are working and studying in this industry often have a lot of contact with colors and graphics. Even using a camera for the MacBook is a popular choice.


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The code students peacefully use Mac, some popular codde software like Netbean, Sublime support well for macOS platform.

Technical branches (electronics, mechanics, …)

Autodesk Autocad is the main software for technical students in general, as I said above as architecture and interior industry, macOS supports Cad well. In addition, you should note that Autocad interface on macOS will be very different from Windows, but the command and shortcut are the same, if you are in any operating system, you should be familiar with the Cad interface of the OS (if you have Win installed on your Mac).

But the disadvantage of studying in this industry is that you have to install Windows more if you buy Mac because not only Cad but also many other software only available in Win that do not support macOS: Ansys, Creo, Solidworks, Inventor. Antium, …


Accounting in particular or the professions using Excel in general, using Mac or Windows is fine because it relies on the office software, not much on the OS. However, it should be noted that if you have never used Mac, you should familiarize the Command key instead of Ctrl to press the command : D
Which MacBook is appropriate?

I am always happy for those who intend to buy MacBook that "Buy money, buy it, I like it, I buy it". While it's a joke, sometimes I think it's true, because the price of buying a MacBook with a basic configuration is very expensive. While Windows laptops are easy to own with good pricing. So I will suggest MacBook models for the most accessible students that are still strong enough to serve good learning.

MacBook Pro 13 "without Touch Bar (2016 and above)

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This is the best MacBook for students that I always recommend people to buy. Great because it achieves the criteria: Beautiful (irreparable), thin, light, stable configuration.

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I will not discuss the configuration too detailed, and do not rush to evaluate the basic configuration of this Mac weak. I've been using this MacBook Pro 13 for quite a long time, I realized that the most valuable of the MacBook is still SSD. From 2015 onwards, the MacBook's SSD speed is very good and fast. You can use it well for the subjects listed above, I am sure that this is the best 13 "laptop, the most compact and perfect for you to approach (remember to buy the Space Gray color version more beautiful : D ).

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The big drawback you probably won't like is buying a hub, adapter switch because it's completely USB-C.

About Trackpad I don't say much because basically MacBook is the best trackpad laptop, even better when Trackpad force touch.

If you're a "wealthy" student: Play the MacBook Pro 15 "(2016 and above)

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It is true that "I have money, I buy it",

15 inch 2016 and later will default to the Touch Bar, along with 4 USB-C ports, although much heavier than 13 "but this line has a separate card to serve your graphics needs well more, especially those who use 3D software for architecture – interior.The default configuration is also Intel core i7, SSD is still very fast.

I recommend choosing 2016 or more because of the two main values: SSD super fast and Thunderbolt 3. Another extra element that I forgot to list on the mindmap is the music player. From 2016 to 2019, the MacBook has a very good speaker, although Apple often doesn't talk about the speakers at the launch event, but in fact, it's hard to find a good music player like those on MacBook.

12 "MacBook (from 2015 onwards): I don't recommend it

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Although the MacBook 12 "is very beautiful and sexy, suitable for women. But I do not recommend that students have to buy it even if the need to work does not need high configuration, why?

  • Only one USB-C port and headphone jack: No thunderbolt 3, this C port is just USB 3.0
  • Even if I7 upgrade the option, it is still weaker than the Pro 13 series. "
  • Price is expensive, with money (even more) MacBook Pro 13 ", so why buy it?

Don't be afraid to buy an old MacBook

If you find an old MacBook, the options listed above will be much cheaper.

  • The price is cheaper than the new original machine, sometimes up to 10 million, even more
  • If you have the money to buy a new Pro 13 "then you should buy the old Pro 15"
  • Check the old machine easily: See if you have a hard time, because the MacBook made of aluminum so old or new, delicious or not delicious is easy to see to check
  • Check if the device has a cover or not: The bottom of the MacBook usually has a serial number, based on which you check it against the series in the machine (About this Mac). Touching the aluminum part, if it is smooth, it will be haggling.

Should be familiar with iWork office suite

You should use iWork because it is free and the interface is very beautiful, not less than the Microsoft work, including: Pages (similar to Word), Numbers (similar to Excel), Keynote (similar to PowerPoint) .

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The interface uses Numbers spreadsheets (iWork)

But if you do a lot of Excel-related work, you should buy an Excel package to use, because Numbers is difficult to replace Excel because the command is complicated, as it is not as diverse as Excel. For Pages or Keynote, carefree. 100% of my presentation work depends on Pages and Numbers.

If the student bought MacBook, then what is the "trade off"?

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Most in Vietnam study in a Windows environment a lot, you have to accept the case that the MacBook does not support this and that, only Windows has, and must go to install Win on Mac.

Along with that, there will be times when you feel lost when in a group of people only you use MacBook, it will be noticed by crooks. Not to mention that the MacBook can help you look "cool" but it is easy to get mixed opinions from outsiders: Like a wealthy new house who buys a MacBook, learns to buy a new MacBook, learns a little "howling" is much.

I believe students who were born and grew up interacted with Windows first. Thinking about switching to Mac you need time to get used to a lot of things, because it's a completely different world:

  • Copy file
  • Display
  • Shortcuts, keyboards

The above advice, though small, I hope to help some students who are planning to buy MacBook for studying. I wish you a nice MacBook and a lot of success!


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