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[Chia sẻ] What do you do to go to the toilet when working in a cafe but less worry about losing your computer?

The misery of freelancers is that they often lack a place for "peace of mind", frankly it is a place with cold rooms, full tables and chairs for maximum support. work process. Because of that, air-conditioned coffee is a top priority.

Entering the shop to order a cup of coffee costs at least 29k and surely everyone wants to sit there for at least 3-4 hours. However, all initial plans will be broken if the sadness of hygiene hits. Now there will be many options and this article will list some solutions that I often see people do the most.

Method 1: Abandoning clothes, thinking that the next person will pay attention to help and go to the toilet in worry

The experience of going to coffee to work is relatively much as I realize that many people choose this way. In fact, you can't believe your view of the people around you. In other words, you can't look at someone who is dressed smartly, sitting on the laptop keyboard that looks like an office person without taking care of them. In fact, there have been many cases of losing machines and furniture when going to the toilet in a coffee shop. Therefore, you should not recommend this way.

Method 2: Unpack the backpack, take the seat, go to the bathroom and finish the new coffee cup oder and find another seat (if the restaurant still has room)

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I think there will be very few people going this way, for many different reasons. Going out to order a new glass of water takes a lot of risks, that is, you cannot be sure that after you go to the bathroom, there is still room, especially for the expensive coffee chains and at high hours. points, such as midday. There is no room for you to struggle to find other places and running outside to find a restaurant in the middle of the day is obviously an experience that no one wants to go through.

If you're lucky to have another seat, that position may not be like you. But no matter what, it is better.

Method 3: Reserve place with objects that have no value

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This is probably the most practical and often used way of observing. The method is also quite simple, leaving something on the table that doesn't have much value, such as a headset and a notebook, something. Computers and valuables are put into backpacks and toilets. It was still there when it came out. Those who come later will imply that the position is already occupied by people and they will look elsewhere. Of course, there are many other situations that can happen. For example, another guest when you aim at your place will think that someone will forget the item, they bring that item to give to the staff and then sit in that position.

At that time, it was up to the situation to resolve it. If you agree that it is the seat that you want and the other person approves, it will be easy, but if the other person does not agree, you will also have to lose your seat. However, basically, the likelihood of this situation is relatively low and the way it is presented is the most optimal solution.

Method 4: Get help from the staff

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In addition to asking people around to look at things, some people are more reassuring to leave the belongings on and ask the staff to help. However, looking for you is not something that the staff must do, because they have many other guests waiting for service, not just you. The better way is to send the laptop to the inside of the counter with their staff to look a bit, the backpack will remain the same.

Method 5: Go to the bathroom then go home

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I have seen some people sitting for a long time, all day without leaving their positions. Then they arranged their belongings, went straight to the toilet to "solve" then went home. This is also a way, but it is not good for health if you have to keep hygiene and it is not always okay. In general, this is not a very good idea, however, I listed them because some people still apply this method.

Method 6: Thanks to assistive technology

A friend of mine told me that he was very proud that he had come up with a way to solve this "unsolvable" problem, but he did not guarantee 100% efficiency but this way brought about a feeling of peace of mind and less Annoying others.

Now I will describe what you have done. The need to do it this way is that you have to have a cheap smartphone or something old smartphone. A brief explanation for that easy-to-understand brother is his friend who used that cheap smartphone to make a camera to observe furniture when he went to the toilet.

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Through an application, he can take advantage of the camera on the cheap smartphone to observe and this observation takes place on the main phone that you use.

After you have installed the software, all you have to do is build the laptop screen, no need to unlock it, let the phone rely on the screen, change the viewing angle to the front camera. At this time, put the backpack in place of the camera's view, maybe on the seat, for example. After all is done, press the lock button to turn off the phone, the camera is still active.

So, you will bring the main phone to the toilet, just go and check the situation outside.

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In the process, if motion is detected, the camera will automatically record the video, simultaneously, if you see the frame being shifted, that means suspecting someone touching the phone and the computer, need to do is press the alarm button. At this time, the sound from the external phone will sound very loud and only you can turn it off.

At that time, you quickly ran out and looked at the situation, hoping that the thief did not act too quickly. My friend said he used it a few months ago and felt quite relieved. I myself do not feel very confident because in most cases, the theft of a computer by a thief will take place very quickly and the alarm ringing in reality also does not solve the problem. how much

Above are some ways that I find people often do when they have to go to the toilet while working at the coffee shop, how do you find the most useful way and what is your solution in this situation? Don't forget to share.


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