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[Chia sẻ] These are the reasons why you should use Safari instead of Chrome on the Macbook

The world of various Add-ons from Windows has been one of the most common reasons I have seen when a person still uses Chrome on their Macbook.

At the beginning of its launch, Chrome was rated higher than both Safari and Firefox, but now that's not true anymore, especially when the device is in use as a Mac.

Here are the reasons why you should not use Google's browser on the Macbook. Previously, @Duy Luan had a talk about this issue and today's article will add to you some more reasons.

1. Battery drain

After the actual time, obviously, Chrome consumes more battery than Safari. I don't know if my computer is faulty or something, but every time I open Chrome, it is like that the radiator fan blows up, even if only 1-2 tabs are opened. This situation does not appear when using Safari.

In the battery section of the toolbar above, you can click on it to see which application is consuming a lot of power and if you're using Chrome, it's no wonder its name always shows at the top of the list book.

2. Chrome is not designed for Mac

Many features of Chrome are actually derived from the ChromeOS platform, so using it on MacOS will not maximize its performance.

Most applications on the Mac have a popup window for you to tweak the app's settings during use, this feature on Chrome needs to be done via a tab in the browser.

MacOS has Dark Mode from December 2018 and Safari of course immediately supports this feature. It wasn't until half a year later that Chrome began to update, meaning that in March.

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Chrome's notification system does not fully integrate into the MacOS Notification Center, when you open a notification, such as a Facebook prompt, it will display a popup window that looks very rural and annoying. Fortunately, Chrome then allowed users to integrate notifications into the notification center of the platform, including Mac, Windows and Linux.

Using Safari will make the experience with the platform more seamless, not interrupted as shown above.

3. Extensions – 2-blade knife

Although if "duel" with each other, Safari is almost sure of the loss of extensions (extensions), but one thing to note is that these extensions are one of the main causes for Chrome. consume CPU, and it causes battery drain.

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In addition, extensions are also a threat to the security of the browser. Although not rich in diversity, but Safari also owns extensions relatively much and for myself, meet the daily use needs. In addition, when I needed it, I just ran Chrome to use extensions, but I didn't use Chrome as the main browser.

4. Google is following you

Settings in Chrome allow you to protect your privacy in a certain way, you won't completely avoid the fact that Google is collecting your browsing data. We know that Google's main revenue comes from advertising and exploiting users' habits through their very popular browser is something the company of course can't ignore.

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5. You will be less "supervised" when using Safari

Apple's revenue comes primarily from hardware, software is often free and is what makes their hardware more attractive. On the Safari browser since MacOS Mojave, Apple updated the ITP 2 feature, preventing advertising companies from tracking user cookies.

6. Apple ecosystem

If you're using an iPhone, there's no reason why you use Chrome on your Macbook. Using Safari for a more seamless experience, such as Bookmarks or passwords, is synced together.

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In addition, the handoff feature also gives you access to open web pages on iPhone on your Mac browser and vice versa.

Of course, you can still install Chrome and log in to the same account, so everything has been synchronized. However, I rarely see anyone using iPhone and using Chrome as the default browser, because it is always something more gentle and convenient.

7. Reading mode

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Reading mode on Safari makes reading the content beautiful and helps you to avoid distraction by distracting ads. You also have more options for background color, font size and font preferences.

Above are the reasons that I do not use Chrome on the Macbook, and also the reasons that make use Of page to convince those who use MacOS not to use Chrome.

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I myself thought of not being able to get rid of the habit of using Chrome, but with the nature of the work that requires prolonging the battery life of the device, I tried to switch to Safari and now everything is fine , Safari meets most of its usage needs.

What about brothers, do you have problems above when using Chrome on a Macbook or what makes you stay away from Apple's default browser? Don't forget to share.


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