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[Chia sẻ] Note when buying Apple USB-C cable for iPad Pro, MacBook, ..

I share a few things for you who are planning to buy USB-C cable to charge for iPad / iPhone and MacBook to avoid buying counterfeit goods, poor quality goods or buying wrong power lines.

Most of us now buy Apple USB-C cables and lots of counterfeit goods on the market, so it should be noted when buying.

What should USB-C wire (C-C) check?

  • When buying, you should check the word printed on the end of the rope body: Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China – Remember to be in standard uppercase letters as above (only verbs and nouns are printed in the first word, prepositions are always written in lowercase)
  • Try to use your nails to look and see, counterfeit goods will fly off, genuine and strong goods are still not flying
  • Some knockoffs will not print anything

In the image above, after the words "Assembled in China", there will be a code, you should pay attention to the following capacity:

  • The first 3 letters are DLC or CTC then the charger cord can be used with MacBook 61W and 87W chargers. The total capacity of this wire can be charged at 100W.
  • The first 3 letters are C4M or FL4 then the charger cord can be used with MacBook 29W and 30W chargers. I'm not sure how much it supports, but it certainly can't be 100W maximum.
  • Do not coincide with the above code is all knocked off.
  • This cable has only a single length of 2 meters

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If you buy your own rope, this is the original box and only this box is exactly the correct item. Other style boxes are all "Rep" products imitated.

USB-C cord (1 meter) without rubber connector

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This is USB-C cord follow the iPad Pro 2018. However, it is still sold separately, but this type of wire has few goods and it seems that there are no counterfeiters, but I only distinguish it so that you can pay attention.

  • Only 1 meter long
  • No rubber connector (iPad), with rubber connector (MacBook)
  • However, it still supports charging MacBook according to the carefree 87W department and the total capacity of this wire is 100W
  • The body is thinner than the 2-meter USB-C fiber above, it's as thin as the Lightning charging wires.

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The original box, it is the same as the box of USB-C fiber with rubber connector (2m) above

Where to buy for sure?

  • Apple Authorized Stores (Apple Authorized)
  • Distributors are popular and trusted by many
  • Apple Store


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