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[Chia sẻ] I have hacked Shinhan credit card at Itune.com/bill

Staff mod @ zyzy1908 concerns about the credit card booking.com send details to the hotel side for payment. Read many comments that you recommend using the card of foreign banks such as Citi, Shinhan with smart OTP types … for more security. I shared the hacked Shinhan card a month ago so you have more experience handling.

I have a total of 02 Shinhan cards, temporarily called cards A and B, in which card A is very popular and card B is very rarely used. Both are capable of "online" and have Verify by Visa. Before that, all my online transactions had to go through the import of VbV password to verify, so I was quite relieved.

That day, on Saturday, I heard Tinhte advertise on Vina Gu fair so I could go and see it with my family. At 11:00 am, the phone received 8 instant messages for success from Itunes, every transaction message for 1,799,000 and messages only less than 15 seconds apart (11:38 to 11:42). And the message only stopped until I ran out of card limit …. My total loss was 12,593,000 VND

Message for successful transaction

The first reaction I thought was that I must add the card to the Itunes account and it automatically renewed an Apple service that I had not canceled yet, so it was still quite leisurely. Going home, take a look at the review itune and cancel, wait for the credit limit to return to the same way.

However, I remember that I had Vietcombank card. And this card is used exclusively for foreign currency payment or payment gateway transactions (Additional information: VCB's exchange rate + foreign currency conversion rate is quite cheap, with the limit of VCB for yourself not much) . So there's no way I can add it to Itune's Shinhan card. After I turned on the phone, I never added any cards to Itune : D Now start worrying : D

At that time, I became worried and called on Shinhan operator to lock the emergency card. Shinhan said they tried to contact me as well (?!) And locked their A cards. They saw many unusual transactions but they still did not keep up because it happened so fast. I told them to lock the remaining card and ask the bank to investigate. Shinhan reported that T7 bank did not work, next Monday I must bring my card and ID card to the nearest Shinhan branch to make a report. Visa processing time is usually 45 to 90 days. During that time, if the transaction falls into the statement, I will STILL PAY before : D And that day was the 18th while the 20th was the closing date : D

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Shinhan operator emailed me about an hour later about the unusual transaction

Get the encouragement of his wife : D I go to the website and contact Apple Support to ask. It is true that sometimes I see why I should buy Apple :)) I chat with that party about 3 sentences, then you agent will tell that Apple employees will call you directly. Then at 3p, there is a number from Singapore, the content is that if you can hear it now, press 1, still busy, then choose 2 to make another appointment when Apple calls back. Of course, I choose the number 1 always, despite the music mic speaker at Vina Gu :))

They then dialed that number and a Singaporean Apple employee named Michael. You check me a few questions like: What is icloud, before adding this card to icloud, did you share this card with anyone before? Is there a secondary card? How much is the charge (at that time I said it was about 80 SGD, about 1.7 million Vietnamese dongs because I don't remember the exact amount) and how many times? … Then you said you just kept the phone 20 minutes for you to try. After about 20 minutes, you come back and ask me to read the full number of credit cards that have been hacked (read only the card number, the remaining information is not required). I was a little hesitant, but never mind, the bank has already locked the card, and there's no more limit : D

After 20p then you say Apple will refund via card for yourself a total of 12,593,000 VND, it will take about 7 days to see in your account. At this point, I was relieved. Because you said exactly the amount of each transaction and the number of transactions … while before that I only answered the estimate because it was so unnoticed. I asked root cause, Michael said that someone had taken his card to sign up for their iTunes and paid. Michael refused to provide any other information.

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Itunes and "complete" transactions

2 weeks later, I made sure to eat myself at Shinhan bank to make a report and carry out 2 other cards, and the bank also changed my card for me. The sixth level right in that week I saw the limit increase again : D Then Apple called and emailed me twice more to make sure I received the money : D (service is great).

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Apple Support calls me but it can't, all the time I call : D I was sleeping then : D

Now I still maintain, 1 Vietcombank card and 1 Shinhan card. Both have moved to SMS OTP (apparently following new rules : D Brothers who have similar stories and how to handle, invite to share more : D


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