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[Chia sẻ] Booking.com retrieves card information, including the user's CVV, for the hotel

Booking has put all the user card information on the hotel that has appeared, but people still believe that "everything is over". And so am I, until today, when I once again fell into that situation. More specifically, I have a tour in Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa with my girlfriend. I have booked a room at Pu Luong Retreat via Booking and my card information has been given to the hotel by Booking itself, including cvv number. The reason why I found it so serious, is that it is not only used to pay for the room, it is automatically used to pay for the car service that I booked through the hotel – a transaction completely unrelated to the booking.

First, some friends recommend using traveloka. Actually, I used to use it often, I used Traveloka since it first appeared in Vietnam. But I still often check between apps to find the best price and choose.

Secondly, the reason I book on booking.com this time is that it has a very good price and I get a 10% discount for 2nd Genius customers. The original room rate is 2tr2, other units are about 2tr1. Particularly booking.com of the day I book suddenly fell sharply only about 1tr6. So I decided to book over there.

Specific sharing about this transaction, why I confirmed booking.com has given my card information:

  • This transaction clearly states: payment at the place of stay. That is, I will pay there at the time I see the room. Update: after that, Puluong Retreat will charge you any time @@. I remember clearly when I book the room to record and pay at the accommodation, then update it to that. Considered my mistake "missed" this part. But, I was still surprised when my card was arbitrarily used for paying the 700k car fare from Hanoi to Pu Luong. (I read the old post about the booking of the card details, there are also those who have been similar, the time when booking, the payment notice at the place of stay, later into the charge at any time:))
  • 2 This transaction is that I do not swipe the card, but automatically do it with the card information that I entered for Booking and newspaper used in Pu Luong village HN (I think is a managing unit of Retreat, because then When I directly swipe the card at Retreat, it is "Pu Luong villag Thanh Hoa." Not to mention, there is no way to use the card to make a reservation to automatically deduct the car's money, and because this transaction is not a card, I didn't even sign anything.
  • I talked directly to Retreat, why could I deduct my money when I never swiped my card? Not to mention, the transaction is a payment transaction at the property. And they themselves told me that Booking has given their card information. Because only all card information, including CVV, can be successfully performed when you have not yet swiped the card :).
  • As for Retreat, I just do not like to use the card to pay for the car, without prior notice of using my card to pay. As for having a bad idea with the card, I don't think so. Because the guest comment shows that each has been similar, meaning that they do so much but have no complaints about the card being abused. Well, the type of place is also big, the staff are also decent. But for me, to have peace of mind, I also temporarily locked the card.

=> It is clear. Booking automatically informs all card information of customers, including cvv for hotel, to 3rd party. I read through the old explanation of Booking but it is very ambiguous, general and lack of safety for politicians When they say security and encryption of two elements when sending information, the security or not compliance of the booking agent is uncertain.

Not to mention, what is important is why my card is paid for the whole booking transaction that is completely unrelated to the booking? I did not agree to that, no one asked me or told me that the charge will charge the vehicle to the card that she used on the booking. So no one said lightly, normally, I just heard that I always paid for my car in Retreat.

I agree with some of you that providing the card is normal because sometimes cancellation will result in a penalty. But, the card information given to the booking. book the car through the hotel, then charge the space for booking. "It feels strange". Suppose, who is not good, what do they want to charge themselves for, charge, "what bottle of alcohol I don't drink"? I wrote this article only to warn you to be more careful. Have fun.

P / s: A friend of mine shared, if it is a decent place to be, it is okay, some places are insecure that it takes that information to buy things, but buy in a lot of transactions, each transaction up to 50k / transaction (below 50k / transaction, the bank does not accept complaints). While many transactions combined, the amount of damage is not less. Be careful when you book a room, brother if you have a similar situation to invite to share. Voiceover to hope to overcome this situation.


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