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[Chia sẻ] Back in 2020 to use BlackBerry Keyone


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Share a little personal feeling:
Typing hard keys and virtual keys on the phone are two completely different experiences. Depending on the preference and the purpose of the user to choose only (like running a scooter or clutch). Virtual keyboard is fast typing (including 1-hand typing), the system suggests strong words, but you have to glued to the bottom half of the screen to just locate the virtual key + see if you type the wrong word, the ability to do more eye and brain work than typing with a hardware keyboard. While hard keys are used to typing (need to use two hands) just look at the part / position you are typing content to check spelling. Sometimes I take note but my eyes still look up to the speaker (during the meeting), making me more comfortable, able to concentrate and more convenient (and polite, more professional if talking 1: 1) BB keyboard device is leveled like today, I can’t take note of numbers without looking at the keyboard like the Bold 9000 back then, a bit boring.

Hard keys still have their value, so computer keyboards (PCs and Macs) don’t develop virtual keyboards anymore, but have a physical market for physical mechanical keyboards.

I’ve been using BB for more than 10 years, so I can’t switch to using the virtual keys because the keys are so small and the keys are so frustratingly frustrating (this is because my virtual typing skills are worse than babies – although typing virtual keys since ipod touch gen2 was new), sometimes holding the phone of someone else’s virtual key to manipulate them is something that I give them to people to enter on their behalf. Besides, I use more iPad to satisfy BB’s limitations (a person who uses a virtual keyboard always carries an iPad with him, right?).

Because of the keyboard, I chose the ThinkPad, although I also like the MBP. The screen, keyboard, and mouse are the three things that my body uses to interact with the computer the most.

This comment that made me type on the iPad is still trying to do it (sometimes write shorter because the lazy sometimes it wins emotions) put the touch screen that I’m not posting .

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