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[Chia sẻ] 10 points to note to use washing machines more effectively

Washing machines are an essential device for every family, but do you know if you use them the wrong way, as well as when you are too in a hurry to use them without reading through instructions that can affect your family's health or do Reduce the life of the washing machine. Here are some common mistakes that come with some experience to use washing machines more efficiently.

1. Forget reading labels on clothes

Notice the labels and materials of clothing

The current washing machine still does not distinguish the different fabric materials, so if you forget to read the label with the fabric material, throwing away the washing machine can cause your utensils to float, shrink or simply your favorite item will be broken. You should also divide bright and dark clothes to wash separately.

2. Select the appropriate temperature

Clothing will retain its shape and color better if you choose the right temperature (read the label to know the temperature suitable for each type of clothing). For example:

  • 30-40 degrees C: suitable for clothes with thin fabric, easy to tear, easy to fade like mesh curtains, mixed laundry including synthetic fibers and pure wool that can be washed by washing machine .
  • 40 – 60 degrees C: skin contact clothing such as diapers, panties, towels, or clothing with synthetic fibers
  • 60 degrees C: cotone fabric, durable fabrics such as cotton, linen.
  • 60 – 95 degrees C: infant clothes, or non-fading materials such as somi shirt, sleepwear, white cotton fabric, tablecloths, bed sheets.

3 Regularly wash too many clothes at the same time


Give enough clothes

Not because your washing machine can fit all the clothes you want to wash, you will throw them all in the air, washing too many clothes will make them not clean and even make the engine rotation of the machine malfunctioned. Washing often leads to a future that will cost you a lot to fix the washing machine.

4. Rub the clothes too well

Many people have a habit of washing their clothes by hand before putting them in the machine, to remove stubborn dirt, they rub their clothes. But don't try to clean the stains that way, rubbing just damages the fabric and makes the stain eat more

5. Put wet clothes in the washing machine


Always remember to remove clothes immediately after washing

Forgetting the laundry finished in the machine is what everyone has had, practically according to the research in 24 hours in a humid environment, the clothes can develop difficult types of fabric to eliminate fabric corrosion. So to keep clothes clean, take them to dry or dry immediately after the washing cycle ends.

6. Use too much detergent

"Using more and more detergents, clothes will be cleaned". This is wrong, because when washing the ratio of detergent must match the amount of water. If you use too little detergent then your clothes are not clean, and you can use it a lot, after washing, it can make your clothes harden, stick the bleach on it. Similarly, if you use too much fabric softener, it makes the clothes stick and hard. A small tip, is that you can use vinegar and mint to replace detergents.

7. Do not read through the features of the washing machine


It is true that your clothes can be washed normally, unpack the laundry and wait for the washing machine to finish. But the manufacturer offers a variety of washing options for a reason, sorting the clothes, the right temperature, or squeezing? Paying attention to these will prevent your clothes from being damaged, so washing machines can avoid many damage.

8. Some types of clothing and proper washing

  • Zippers: For clothing that is hard and strong like jeans, wash them separately because zippers can stick to other items that damage them.
  • Swimwear: Should be washed gently by hand, so they can stay in shape longer and do not lose elasticity.
  • Socks (Sock): Wrap each pair together, to avoid when left alone they can be stuck in different parts of the machine.
  • Jacket: Put some tennis balls to help the jacket retain its shape

9. Put the washing machine in the wrong place


Place the device in a flat place

This is a bit rare, but it can also happen, placing the washing machine in an unbalanced place will make the machine work harder, causing more noise, leading to equipment wear and tear, costly repairs later.

10. Clean the machine

Research shows that there are a lot of bacteria in your washing machine and if not properly cleaned can cause them to cling to your clothes after washing. You should regularly dry the device, especially the insulated rubber ring at the door, leave the door open and dry the wet parts with the cloth. In addition, you should kill bacteria every month, can use coffee combined with vinegar to disinfect.


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