Chevrolet Silverado review: Can the Ford F-150 win?

Chevrolet Silverado review: Can the Ford F-150 win?

According to many reviewers, Chevrolet Silverado has been upgraded quite a lot, but it seems still “weaker” than Ford F-150. So what is going on?

Introduction of Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado is a 4th generation model of the mainstream of General Motors. This is a large pickup model that is expected to reduce the market share of Ford F-150 in this segment. Some information published by the manufacturer, the new Chevrolet Silverado version is larger, 8 equipped with 6 powertrain options and many modern technologies. Especially in the new improved suspension system helps the car more powerful.

Chevrolet Silverado 2018Chevrolet Silverado

Review Chevrolet Silverado on the exterior

In terms of exterior design, the new Silverado has been changed by several important details of Chervolet engineers. These changes help the overall exterior of the vehicle significantly change its appearance in a positive way. The new generation has a bolder design that makes the car really stand out.

Top car

Carrying the blood of a pickup, Chevrolet Silverado is not inferior to rivals in the large pickup segment. The car has a front end designed with many large horizontal lines, prominent in the grille. The corners are not rounded, but are cut into a square shape, the high end of the car feels strong and massive. According to experts assessing Chevrolet Silverado car, compared to competitors in the same segment, Chevrolet Silverado is more appreciated for exterior design.

The first part of Chevrolet Silverado 2018The first part of Chevrolet Silverado

Headlights have a more aggressive new design that highlights the head section. The headlight cavity is smaller, but equipped with full LED technology for powerful lighting. The design of the light cavity and front bumper with the dark grille makes the whole front of the vehicle become bulky and large.

Vehicle body

Chevrolet Silverado is equipped with 5-spoke chrome-plated dual alloy sports wheels with different sizes depending on the version. This large rim comes with Goodyear Duratrac 4-tire system for better grip ability and eye-catching appearance. The body design of Silverado has 2 basic models including 2 doors and 4 doors. Besides the eye-catching chrome plated door handles. Along the body of the car are many straight lines that increase aerodynamics.

Set of big wheels of Chevrolet Silverado 2018Large wheels set of Chevrolet Silverado


The rear of Chevrolet Silverado is not out of style with big and striking lines. At the rear, Chevrolet accents the large dual exhaust. In addition, the most prominent feature in the rear is also shown in the large taillights on both sides and the yellow Chevrolet logo in the middle.

Tail design of Chevrolet Silverado 2018Tail design of Chevrolet Silverado

Review Chevrolet Silverado on the interior

Interior space

Unlike the previous generation, Chevrolet Silverado interior has many significant changes. Chevrolet said it was trying to change all the dissatisfaction of customers with this model. Evidence is that the extra leg space is increased by 7 cm in the Crew-Cab variant to help more comfortable seating space. Silverado 4th generation also owns many storage facilities, namely two 10L storage boxes integrated in the back of the seat and a 24L size storage tray below the rear seats.

Interior space of Chevrolet Silverado 2018Interior space of Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado is equipped with a sports steering wheel that integrates many function keys of the infotainment system, hands-free conversation … The center display cluster is also refined for easy observation. easier.

Equipped with amenities

Chevrolet Silverado is equipped with leather seats in all versions. This model can accommodate up to 6 people in 2 rows, the seating space is also relatively comfortable compared to the previous generation thanks to the manufacturer’s cabin expansion efforts. Chevrolet Silverado features an infotainment system that includes a large centralized touchscreen with high resolution.

Chevrolet Silverado 2018 has a modern entertainment systemChevrolet Silverado has a modern entertainment system

In addition, Silverado car has well-equipped facilities such as: voice command function, synchronization with smartphone via Android Auto and Apple Carplay connection to listen to music, watch movies, photos , texting, calling … AUX / USB / Bluetooth port and high-end audio system can automatically compensate for volume according to speed.

Review Chevrolet Silverado in terms of engine / performance


Chevrolet Silverado has up to 6 engine options for all versions. Although Chevrolet did not disclose specific details of the Chevrolet Silverado specifications, the brand revealed, the engine range includes two options including 5.3L or 6.2L V8, Duramax I6 3.0L engine.

General Motors also said that the 3.0-liter diesel and 6.2L V8 petrol engines will be equipped with a new 10-speed automatic gearbox and start / stop system. In addition, the fuel management system Dynamic Fuel Management will help optimize fuel economy for the first time appearing on two options of Silverado V8 5.3L and 6.2L petrol.

Engine block of Chevrolet Silverado 2018Engine block of Chevrolet Silverado

The Duramax 3.0L turbocharged diesel engine is the latest addition of GM to Silverado with promising fuel efficiency of about 7.8L / 100km on the highway. The 5.3L and 6.2L V8 engines have also reappeared, but now they have active cylinder shut-off technology that helps save fuel.


There are 8 different variants of Chevrolet Silverado: Work Truck, Custom, Custom Trailboss, RST, LT, LT Trailboss, LTZ, and High Country. To enhance off-road capability, GM offers a Z71 package of accessories including a 5-inch suspension system, rear differential lock and undercarriage. This model also has Rancho’s shock absorbers for a better driving experience in complex terrains.

This pickup model offers a good driving experience on complex terrainThis pickup model offers a good driving experience on complex terrain

Silverado is only 41 mm longer than its predecessor, although the base shaft is increased by 100 mm. Most significantly, the weight of the car has been reduced to 204 kg due to the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum. Long, wide and taller than before while the wheelbase is also improved by nearly 100 mm, excluding the use of a lot of toughened steel materials, but the new Silverado is still 200 kg lighter than its predecessor towards performance. better fuel.

Evaluate Chevrolet Silverado for safety equipment

Silver Chervolet car uses a lot of tough steel material for its body frame. Therefore the car has better resistance in the event of a collision. From there to protect the maximum passengers.

Chevrolet Silverado 2018 uses toughened steel for the body frameChevrolet Silverado uses toughened steel for the body

As a model of the higher segment of the Chevrolet Colorado, Silverado also owns relatively full of active safety equipment for the occupants. Such equipment include: ESC electronic balancing system, ABS anti-lock braking system, EBD electronic brake force distribution, TCS traction control system, trailer control system TSC traction, hill / downhill departure assistance, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, tire pressure sensor, front and rear sensor for parking assist, reversing camera in the direction of the steering …

How much is Chevrolet Silverado?

In Vietnam market, this large pickup model has not been distributed. However, according to the US market, the price of Chevrolet Silverado ranges from USD 28,300 – USD 52,000 (equivalent to VND 660 million to VND 1.2 billion).

It can be said that Silverado is the only opportunity of Chevrolet / GM to overthrow Ford in the pickup segment. However, with the numbers that this model brings, the road to the goal of the American car company is quite unsteady. Last year, GM sold 585,864 Silverado and 217,943 GMCs, not bad, but combined with F-150 alone (896,764 cars).

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