Cheptegei missed the world record 5km at Monaco Run

Cheptegei slipped the world record because of strong winds

FranceUganda runner Joshua Cheptegei finished first 5km at Monaco Run today February 14 with 13 minutes and 11 seconds, but failed to break the record he set in 2020.

The new achievement today is 20 seconds less than the world record set by Cheptegei himself – 12 minutes 51 seconds – also at Monaco Run on February 16, 2020.

“The results were still good, but it was really hard to get faster in high winds,” the 24-year-old runner said after finishing. “I know I have to run the best, as I always do. I don’t want anything distracting, just run to defend the title,” Cheptegei added when asked why he took off his gloves. hand midway through the race.

At 1.67m tall and weighing 52kg, Cheptegei is expected to break his own world record when he returns to Monaco on this occasion. But as commentary of the channel Kawowo Sports. , unfavorable weather with strong winds more or less hindered him from surpassing the threshold. After that, Cheptegei was Bethwell Birgen (13 minutes 15 seconds) and Davis Kiplagat (13 minutes 16 seconds).

In 2020, Cheptegei set three world records in four participating tournaments. That is the record 5km on the Monaco Run track and 5,000m in the stadium race (time 12 minutes 35 seconds 36) also in Monaco. In October, the runner born in 1996 set a record of 10,000 meters with a record of 26 minutes and 11 seconds in Valencia, Spain. The only tournament Cheptegei to not win in 2020 was the World Half-Marathon Championships in Poland, which finished fourth for the first long race.

According to the Running MagazineCheptegei’s presence is the only reason why audiences around the world follow the 5km track in Monaco. In the female category, Kenyan athlete, Beatrice Chepkoech is the most notable name. She holds the world record of 3,000m in Monaco in 2018. Beatrice completed the 5km race with a time of 14 minutes 43 seconds, setting a new world record in the women’s category.

Cheptegei was born on September 12, 1996. After a 10km silver HC at the 2017 World Championship in London, he began to improve non-stop. Cheptegei set a world record for running 15km in 2018, then won the World Cross Country in 2019. Before realizing his talent in running, Cheptegei struggled to try in many sports such as football, long jump. .. but was unsuccessful. Cheptegei is one of 10 athletes who hold world records for both 5,000m and 10,000m respectively.

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