Cheng Yi appeared in ``Let's Run'', can he make 10% back on variety shows?
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Cheng Yi appeared in “Let’s Run”, can he make 10% back on variety shows?

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Speaking of Cheng Yi, I believe many people will not feel unfamiliar. And the recent news about his participation in the recording of the new issue of “Running” has also caused a lot of heated discussion, because his performance in “Liu Li” some time ago has indeed attracted the attention of many people, and we We all know that for variety shows like “Running Man”, the selection of flying guests has always respected this principle. If an artist is currently popular and topical, he will invite which guest. As for Cheng Yi, it can be said that he debuted for so many years. It should be one of the few opportunities for her to record variety shows.

His performance in “First Grade” was good before. At that time he was a senior student, and now so many years have passed. To be honest, it is quite sad. On the one hand, because he is indeed a strong The boy of, the acting ability is really good, and it is really practical. But on the other hand, he has not received any endorsements in private for nine years after his debut, and he has not made any commercials. It can be said that he has become popular for a short time because of the popularity of this show.

But unfortunately, because of the company’s arrangements, his performance has also caused a lot of controversy. The reason is that in order to avoid speculation with the heroine at the time, he directly adopted a negligent approach and deliberately did not interact with the heroine. , Although he can understand his position. After all, it became popular with great difficulty, of course, to maintain his single personality. But he was too anxious, and the approach seemed very low EQ and lack of quality, which made people feel that he did not respect the heroine.

Originally, if you want to keep your distance, there can be other ways. After all, there have been many screen lovers. The popularity at the beginning was also very high, such as Ren Jialun and Tan Songyun, Yang Zi and Deng Lun, but in the end they all The handling was very good, but Cheng Yi looked worse in comparison. If he performed well this time, maybe he could get 10% back. I wonder what your impression of him is?



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