Chen Derong withdrew from the actor due to a movie schedule conflict, but was complained by netizens: he was obviously eliminated

Chen Derong withdrew from the actor due to a movie schedule conflict, but was complained by netizens: he was obviously eliminated

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Unconsciously, variety shows have become a gathering place for actors in the film and television industry to get together. Popular people come here to make money, people with poor acting skills come to brush up on their sense of presence, and over-excited actors come to become popular. Like last year’s hit “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves” and “I Am an Actor”, which has been broadcast for several seasons, those who participated in the show can be said to be stars who want to become popular, and some are indeed popular, but some are not. It was a feathered return.

On January 24, Chen Derong sent a message saying goodbye to “I am an actor”. She said that because she was about to shoot a new movie, she could only participate in the two competitions of “I am an actor”. Thanks to the program team and director Lu Chuan for their help and support. There is no way to continue to fight with all my friends on the show, but I will take the nutrients and gains I have learned in the show this time and work hard to move towards the next goal!”

The celebrity’s withdrawal from the recording of the show is a kind of injury to the variety show itself. Before recording the program, the corresponding agreements were also signed. Where does the spirit of the contract manifest?

Although Chen Derong, who is nearly half a century old, is not considered popular now, and many new generation audiences and netizens don’t even know or know, but the older generations born in the 70s and 80s or even the 90s should be a little bit or even impressed by her.

When Chen Derong was in his twenties, he was highly praised by Qiong Yao and starred in Qiong Yao dramas such as “Plum Blossom” and “Shuiyun Jian”. At that time, he was constantly screened and became the hottest Qiong girl at the time. Red is more red and hot. Therefore, after learning that she participated in the recording of “I Am the Actor 3”, netizens also lamented “Ye Qinghui”.

However, in the end Ruye found that sometimes it is better to keep the classics in memory. When those classics reappear, it is not a kind of enjoyment, but a feeling of breaking the good childhood memories. It is understood that Chen Derong, who participated in “I Am an Actor”, did not bring good performance.

Although Chen Derong was once very popular, he returned after being married to a wealthy family and divorced. But the market has undergone earth-shaking changes. Don’t be confused by the fact that the market for actresses is not good at all. Basically, there are very few opportunities to act as heroines. Moreover, Chen Derong’s acting skills are not very outstanding, and she has not won any awards, so she can get more performance opportunities when she comes back. There is a question mark. Although she is very young and has no health, she is still not as good as a young actor. After all, she is a human, not a god.

Especially in the latest episode of the show, her partner Song Ningfeng brought clips from “Manchester by the Sea”. When the mentors made a choice, Qiong Yao girl Chen Derong became the most embarrassing one of the five. Li Sheng got the right to vote against Samsung, Song Ningfeng was snatched by Zhang Ziyi, and Sun Jian and Wang Zijian also got a star, only Chen Derong had no reward!

Chen Derong is the oldest in the entire team, both in age and seniority. In the clip, Chen Derong’s performance in Qiongyao’s drama is too heavy and people are more stubborn, so maybe everyone respects her.

Therefore, seeing Chen Derong quit “I Am an Actor”, some netizens complained that there is a movie to be shot, and the schedule conflicts. Obviously, he was eliminated. Find a good reason to maintain a good face. After all, as early as when the show was on, didn’t you know how to arrange the schedule? At that time, I was on the show and hoped that I could become popular through this show, but the reality was too cruel. Chen Derong finally failed to get everyone’s attention as expected. Instead, because his performance was not good enough, everyone complained. Therefore, it seems that quitting the recording of the show has become her best ending.

Going back to what was said at the beginning of the article, in recent years variety shows have indeed become a place where many celebrities have a sense of presence, but you must have a certain degree of strength, either with high traffic or strong business ability, otherwise in the end It’s me who hurt me! Therefore, Ruye advises those who are mixed with variety shows, instead of wasting time to make money on these variety shows, it is better to calm down and perform each work well. After all, in the entertainment industry, good works are the only benchmark for Changhong!


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