Chelsea crisis and light from Mason Mount

Chelsea crisis and light from Mason Mount

25/01/2021 17:00:00 (GMT + 7)

When the Chelsea train was increasingly deviating from the rails, Frank Lampard needed someone to bring everything back, someone with enough talent and love for the team.

The 0-2 defeat to Leicester in the 19th round of the Premier League was an unacceptable result for Chelsea fans. Not talking about the strength of the ‘fox’ this season, the way that Chelsea accept the defeat is a worry.

“The players didn’t do their jobs well. Ignore individual errors. But things need to be said, they have to be said.

The players know they have been beaten by a better team tonight. Our problem is that the players lack the desire to run and give. There are players who are not as good as they should be ”, Coach Lampard complained after the defeat against Leicester.

Clearly Lampard must be responsible for the poor form of Chelsea, but whether the British strategist deserves all criticism?

As the head coach, Lampard is the man who chose the strategy, he also directly decides the use of personnel and changes in the game. Lampard must also be someone who works with the players to solve problems of confidence or motivate the ball.

But beyond that, what else can a coach do? In fact, winning or losing still depends a lot on the players’ performance on the field. Systems and coaching are just the thing to get the team going.

The players were held accountable for their actions on the pitch, a miss of ten or a mistake in the defense that sometimes completely changed the game.

Chelsea’s problem, in addition to the ability of coach Lampard, there are two very important factors in the players: personality and leadership.

Chelsea seems to be a team that does not have both.

The inability to win any team in the top 8 last season has exposed Chelsea’s weakness this season. Lampard’s army seemed to always be afraid when entering big battles.

Chelsea does not currently have a player who can make a difference, someone with the stature of a superstar and can revive the confidence of his teammates.

In the past seven years, Chelsea had such a person: Eden Hazard.

Hazard is not only strong in magic handling, the Belgian superstar always shows a will to the end. A player like Hazard, with improvised and high-level handling will always be a useful weapon when the team falls into a stalemate.

In terms of leadership, Chelsea must miss their squad under Mourinho very much. With Petr Cech, John Terry, Ashley Cole, Branislav Ivanovic, Gary Cahill, Frank Lampard, Michael Essien, Michael Ballack, John Obi Mikel and Didier Drogba, Chelsea have 10 captains and the bravery has never been a luxury for the team. this ball.

A statistic can indicate the weakness of the current Chelsea bravery. 9 games were led this season, Chelsea lost to 6 and drew only 1. In comparison, the top team Manchester United have won 7 out of 10 matches in which they were led.

Chelsea this season is still one of the youngest teams in the Premier League, and it is not too strange to lose the spirit when being led.

While Lampard is still struggling with a system of tactics not clearly defined at Chelsea, one thing everyone knows that he needs to do, is to quickly foster the bravery and personality of the players. me.

But look no further, Chelsea now has one man who can do both well, one who grew up from the club’s own curator: Mason Mount.

Lampard has an illustrious 13 years playing for Chelsea, and no one understands the core values ​​of this team more than the legend currently holding the head coach.

Lampard must have recognized the qualities of Mason Mount, which the player resembles the names associated with the team’s golden age. Then in the match against Luton Town on Sunday, Super Frankie made a surprisingly reasonable decision: handing the captain’s armband to Mason Mount.

Since being called back from Derby County by Coach Lampard last season, Mason Mount has quickly taken a spot at Chelsea. The role of the player born in 1999 has become even more important this season, where he is one of the players with the most minutes played and the best performance at the Stamford Bridge team.

Rarely was anyone seen seeing Mount bow, even when Chelsea lost the match. The courage and determination is easy to see where the player has just turned 22, as evidenced by the long shot against West Brom when Chelsea are 3 goals behind, the only goal that helps Chelsea earn 3 In front of Fulham’s 10 men, Mount stood ahead of Antonee Robinson after the player downed Azpilicueta, or how he scolded his teammates and tried to lift their spirits at last week’s defeat to Leicester.

Lampard wished he had a squad of Mason Mounts, then the mental problem would certainly be solved. But at the age of 22, his playing skills are something the English midfielder needs to improve a lot, not only for him to rise to become an icon like Mr. Lampard, but also to become a fulcrum for his teammates and team-mates. is a model for surname Follow.

Putting Mount up as captain, Lampard has shown his clear intentions. The other players will have to look at the midfield in 1999 to work, find their own responsibilities and find ways to bring the team through the crisis.

Frank Lampard’s future and Chelsea’s growth, say not too much will depend much on Mason Mount’s influence.

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