Check this component immediately if you do not want your PC to die suddenly - Photo 1.
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Check this component immediately if you don’t want your PC to “die suddenly”

When building a new desktop system, most users pay little attention to one equally important component, the power supply (PSU). Usually, people want to spend the majority of the cost on the main components of the computer such as the motherboard (motherboard), the processor (CPU), memory (RAM) and storage drive (HDD or SSD). …

However, tests show that the power supply is extremely important to the performance of your computer. It is the place that supplies the power to the entire system. The fact has shown that the unstable power source is the big cause of errors on the graphics card, main and CPU.Therefore, you should refer to the following considerations before choosing to buy an efficient power supply for your computer system.

Manufacturers usually list their power supply product capacity in Watt (W). A power supply with a higher Watt count can provide more power, meeting the need to equip more components with the system. On the market today, desktop power supplies range from about 400W to 1,800W. These numbers are continuous power, not peak power. Note that most power supplies can only operate at peak power for a short period of time.

Check this component immediately if you do not want your PC to die suddenly - Photo 2.

When you plan to build a new computer, you can calculate the power consumption of the components and then choose the power supply with the right power. Usually, you can calculate a surplus compared to the expected figure to prevent future upgrades. For users who only need basic work, just an average computer with a power supply of about 400W is enough. But for users who are passionate about technology, prefer to “play”, they should choose a large capacity power supply to meet the needs of overclocking, add lights or decorative toys for the chassis, built-in water radiators, …

Currently, the power values ​​printed on the power supply sticker come in two forms, including the peak power (Peak Wattage) and continuous capacity (Continuous Wattage). Peak power is inherently maximum capacity (Maximum Wattage) that the supply unit can be satisfied for a certain period of time; the continuous capacity is the effective capacity (Total Wattage), which is the level of power at which the power supply can continuously safely operate.

Check this part immediately if you don't want your PC to die suddenly - Photo 3.

Continuity and peak power are generally stated based on manufacturer tests. For example, a power supply unit has a continuous power output of 500W and that shows that it can provide 500W continuous power output without fluctuations. Whereas, if declared with a peak power of 500W then that power supply could only deliver a maximum power of 500W, but perhaps only for a few minutes before dropping to a lower level. For simplicity, the average computer user should only care about the continuous power level when choosing to buy a power supply and ignore the peak power rating.

Check this component immediately if you do not want your PC to die suddenly - Photo 4.

Similar to choosing to buy any product, we should buy a quality computer power supply from reputable brands instead of choosing low-cost power supply models from less-known brands. As mentioned earlier, the power supply affects every part of the computer system and can be the cause of any component failure in cases where the power supply fluctuates.

A good power supply should provide “standard” current to the components. In other words, the issue of current stabilization must come first. Choosing the right power supply will bring stability and long life to the whole system. Therefore, you should consider carefully when you see a power supply with a fairly high capacity announced but too low resale price. The quality is always proportional to the price, that’s why you should choose products from reputable manufacturers. Big firms often launch to the market a variety of products with a variety of designs and features for users to choose from suitable to their needs.

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